First day in Adelaide

18 February 2018 : Went to Changi Airport Terminal 1 to get ready for my flight. For some reason, I didn’t had much feels? In the sense that everything still felt so surreal, it didn’t feel as though I’m about to fly off to another continent to start a new chapter of my life without my family. Different circles of friends and family came to send me off, some unexpected ones being my xiaoyi, xiaogugu, shiyun, fadhilah and syuan. Really grateful for how they all made sacrifices in order to be able to send me off :’). For some reason, time passed by waaay too fast and before I knew it, it was time to enter the departure hall. Because of the chaos and hecticness of hosting different groups of important people, I forgot to give the cards I wrote to my family 😦 shall have to remember to give it to them next time before I leave once more.

7:40pm – 8 :20pm: Flight got delayed by about 30mins to an hour, because the brakes overheated and they had to wait for it to cool down before taking off. One hour or more passed before dinner was finally served. This reminded me to not take the quality of service from SIA for granted because dinner on SQ flights were usually served much earlier compared to that of Qantas. For dinner I chose the fusili pasta in tomato sauce with baked peppers and onions and brinjal with some parmesan cheese. There was also a piece of cheesy herbed bread to go with it and it was delicious! Dessert was this creamy pudding like thingy that had some sago topping on top and it kinda reminded me of a creme brulee too hehe.

An hour before departure they served a quick and small breakfast:

rbsh Some flavored muffin which was very nice when paired with the cup of tea with milk. Also had a small bowl of fruits – watermelon, grapes, pineapple and apple.

Because the plane was delayed when it departed from Singapore, it landed late in Melbourne as well. What was supposed to be a 1.5 hour transfer time was suddenly shortened to 1h and within that short time span, we had to collect our baggage, go through customs, go over to another terminal, check in baggage once more, go through security check before entering the boarding gate. Even though I had to go to the toilet to pee, I didn’t even dare waste a second for fear of missing our second flight. When we were collecting our luggage, the luggages took such a LONG time to come that for a moment I panicked and wondered if our luggage got lost somewhere, but thankfully it didn’t. Managed to get our very bulky luggages and we had to half pull half run towards customs where we had to wait some more for the officers to inspect the contents. One thing learnt from customs is that they are very easy going when it comes to paste, and surprisingly the lady also allowed me to pack in my pork floss though at first I was certain I had to leave it behind.

And then as we were about to check in our luggage (15mins left before boarding gate opens aka 7:15am), we were informed by the self check in machine that the check in time was closed and we had to approach a CS officer. THankfully everything went fine and then we were queuing for the security check. Most nerve wrecking moment because as we were queuing, there was this huge giant electronic board in front of us, and halfway while queueing we realised that it was already the FINAL CALL for our flight at the boarding gate. So immediately after we passed security, I gathered my hand carry luggage and RAN all the way several gates, stopping several times to catch my breath and WHEW WE GOT INTO THE PLANE!!! SO much adrenaline rush even at such an early hour ermahgerd…

Our tired faces after running for the plane….feat a second round of breakfast consisting of greek yogurt (with prune sauce). YOGURT was amazing, so thick and creamy and not too sweet but because of that, could not finish it. Had half a banana cake as well, a bit too sweet for my liking.

Arrived at the airport safe and sound, met our Flinders rep and he drove us to the DJ village office to check in and get our keys. Got our keys, went into the apartment to dump the luggage. Oh and at the office, the girl told me she likes my shirt hehe. Took a rough tour around DJ, saw the community centre, post box, laundry room etc…then went out into the student hub to collect our ID and buy our metro cards!! Also can I say how much i LOVE the plaza, like the vibe the view the facilities are just AMAZING love it so so so MUCH!!

Forgot to mention that the hike from our apartment to the plaza involves climbing down a hill and then climbing back up again bc its valley shaped HAHA gonna have toned legs after this year ends from all that climbing stairs.

After getting our metro cards, took the bus to…MARION!!!! Walked around a bit before Angeline went to see her banker, and then we went SHOPPING for bedroom stuff. Bought a whole load of items and total bill is AUD130 which is not bad at all?!??! Considering how much I bought (a set of 2 fluffy pillows, bed sheet set, quilt, quilt cover set, pink pillow, pink faux fur throw, two bath towels and 2 face towels). Then 2pm came and it was time for me to see my own banker and get my atm card wuhuuuu also ordered a debit card which will be mailed to me in a week’s time hehe. Can’t wait to see what it looks like because I chose a black colour one 🙂 after my appointment, went for a second round of shopping of toiletries and I spent about AUD80 because i bought shampoo and soap, sunscreen for body, and a really good hairdryer (29.99 what a steal!!!). And then after toiletries shopping we went to Cole’s to supposedly get toilet paper but ended up going to the food section so we bought bread and jam and peanut butter for breakfast tomorrow. And because stores close early, so we decided to buy our dinner as well (chicken pesto wrap) and the cashiers at the counters were pretty darn CUTE HEHE.

Went back to the dorm via taxi because we had SO MANY THINGS TO CARRY, and did a lot of productive things like setting up my entire bed, emptying the contents of my luggage and packing it and also wiping down and vacuuming the area hehe. Am tired now but so glad that most of the hard work is over!!! And I’m really pleased with the state of my bed now, it’s so BEAUTIFULL AHHH can’t wait to beautify my room even more hehehe. Second round of shopping to come tmr, so shall have a good night’s sleep and be all refreshed for tmr 🙂 also even though its past 7 in the evening, its still so BRIGHT outside, kinda feels more like 5pm wow….

Also during dinner, both me and angeline didn’t really know how to use the microwave (how many seconds, can leave the wrapped paper in?) HAHA also I was really hungry so I thought I’ll be able to eat both at once but JK, one has made me really very very full idk why somehow my stomach is not reacting well to caucasian food…really need to start learning how to cook some Chinese dishes hmmm.

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