Kyoto Solo Accommodation Review: Sotetsu Fresa Inn Hachijoguchi

I’ve mentioned in one of my Kyoto itinerary posts that I would be doing a more in depth review of the hotel that I stayed in during my solo trip, so without further ado…here goes~

The hotel that I chose to stay in is called Sotetsu Fresa Inn Hachijoguchi. I booked a double room for single use and the total cost for the 6 nights was 386 SGD, without breakfast. Since I am a Genius member with, I managed to get a slight discount of the total price which was sweet!

If I had to rate this hotel, I would give it a 10/10 simply because I can’t find any fault with it. The hotel was in a superb location, a 5 – 10 minute walk away from Kyoto station, which made travelling extremely convenient especially if I have to catch an early train. The proximity to Kyoto station also meant that I wouldn’t have to lug my luggage upon arrival into crowded subway trains – a nightmare if you consider the morning rush hour human traffic where every cabin is literally packed like sardines. Instead, after taking the Limited Express Haruka Airport train, all I had to do was to stroll on the streets to the hotel.

Since I arrived at 12pm which was before the official check-in time of 3pm, I was unable to proceed with checking in. There are options for an earlier check-in, but you had to inform the hotel staff in advance and there is also a surcharge. Personally, I’d recommend not checking in earlier if there is no need because the hotel can store your luggage for you at no extra cost which was what I did. I deposited my luggage at the counter and headed off to do some exploring knowing that my luggage was in safe hands.

When I finally checked into my room, I was extremely pleased with what I got. The room was spacious, I had a queen-sized bed all to myself. There was a small table with a couch – perfect for my 7-11 dinners. The bathroom was really cozy, with shampoo soap and conditioner all provided. Of course, the toilet bowl also came with all the fancy functions like the seat warmer, the bidet shower…

The 6 nights that I spent there was a bliss, truly the perfect end to a long day of sightseeing and travelling. I slept like a baby every night and woke up feeling the most refreshed each morning.

The staff there were also amazing, every morning when I leave the hotel they’d smile and offer a greeting. Same with when I came back in the evening. Additionally, they also speak in English so have no fear about language barriers!

Overall, for those who are looking for an accommodation to reside in Kyoto, I’d recommend this place! Even if you’re not going solo, the room is comfortable enough for 2 people. Solo travelling just made this deal a little sweeter because I definitely had more space than needed, but I’m not complaining!

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