On Friendships: Things We Do When We Hang Out

From the typical teenage hang out dates like going shopping at malls and cafe hopping, our group of 4 has evolved into more wholesome DIY meetups. Just this Monday, I suggested going for a picnic at the park near my place because there’s this perfect little veranda by the seashore. Not only are the views great, there’s also good ventilation thanks to nature’s breeze.

We decided to do the picnic potluck style, where everyone would bring some food to share. Since one of my friend is a vegan and I’m mostly vegetarian, we all subconsciously ended up bringing foods that could suit our palettes. There was a homemade vegan pistachio lemon cake with rose cashew buttercream (tasted amazing as it was moist yet light with a hint of nuttiness), homemade chickpea ciabatta sandwiches, homemade cranberry PB bars, homemade fusilli pasta with spinach and mushrooms, boxes of cucumber and inari sushi, sliced apples with nut butter, cherry tomatoes and grapes, scallion chips, and refreshing cool sencha/houjicha tea to quench our thirst amidst the hot and humid weather that is Singapore’s climate.

Sitting by the sea, eating and talking, listening to good music from our speaker just completed the whole picnic experience. After a satisfying hearty lunch, we started our next activity: impromptu photo taking session! Basically all of us just enjoy taking good pictures to commemorate the experience so we spent the next half hour or so posing for the lenses 🙂 It was a good thing we planned this on a weekday noon, so the park was completely empty except the 4 of us. Truly felt as though we were on our own private island.

After the good time spent outdoors, we finally decided to head back to my house and chill for a bit as well as proceed on with the next activity on our to do list: clothes swapping! It’s become a newly established tradition for us to share old clothes with one another in an attempt to support sustainable fashion. Gone are the days where we shopped mindlessly and supported fast fashion frequently. Of course, we still do buy clothes occasionally from those huge chain stores, but we are trying to reduce our consumption! It’s always nice to give away clothes that I can no longer wear to my friends – seeing them wear it better than I did makes me really happy. Similarly, when I get their clothes, I truly enjoy wearing them because it reminds me of my friends whenever I put it on.

Our group of 4 came together 4 years ago and it’s truly heartening to see that our friendship is still solid despite 2 of us studying abroad in a different continent. Being with this bunch of people is a blessing – they are the kind of friends that inspire me to become a better human be it through our discussions about deep issues like politics, health, life… and at the same time we can do silly and girlish things like talk about love and relationships. My first overseas trip was with this bunch of girls – we travelled to Taiwan 2 years ago and that trip was one of my best memories to date as well. My friend made a vlog of our adventures there so if anyone’s interested here’s the link: https://youtu.be/BhyZ10l5svA

This post is dedicated to my 3 beautiful friends and also to offer some hangout ideas for those who are getting bored of the usual mall and cinema combo. Hopefully I’ve inspired some fresh new ideas from y’all too – if there’s any you like to share, feel free to comment!

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