Portugal’19: [SINTRA] Restaurante Metamorphosis – The Second Experience

So… it’s only a few days later from our first experience at Restaurante Metamorphosis, and both my parents were already craving their Arroz De Tamboril. Which was why we decided to take another day trip to Sintra once again – but that fit nicely into our itinerary because there were simply too many attractions to be covered in that area, I don’t think one day is enough. I might come up with a separate post detailing the attractions and palaces that I visited in the Sintra area, but for now let’s focus on the good FOOOD shall we? 😉

After having experienced the lunchtime crowd previously, we decided not to take any chances this time round so I made reservations in advance. We were lucky once again to be seated at the exact same cozy spot by the window as the previous time – that table seems like our family table already! This time, almost everything we ordered was different, except of course, the seafood rice.

My family ordered the Escalopes Com Cogumelos, Polvo à Lagareiro, and our beloved Arroz De Tamboril.

We first dug into the Escalopes Com Cogumelos (8.95 Euros), which is essentially veal scallops with mushroom sauce. The meat was thinly sliced, making it easy to pop the entire piece in at one go. This was not as juicy as the grilled black pork we had previously, but it was very tender and easy to chew. Coated with a generous dollop of creamy rich mushroom sauce (complete with finely sliced mushrooms), this dish was a really good starter.

Escalopes Com Cogumelos (8.95 Euros)

My dad was prattling on about how he saw other diners ordering a delightful octopus dish, and thus, this time round we made sure to give it a try. Polvo à Lagareiro (13 Euros), which was the Lagareiro Octopus with Vegetables and Garlic), came arranged in a stunning eye-catching mound.

Polvo à Lagareiro (13 Euros)

Each tentacle was lightly coated in oil but done in such a manner that made it slick and smooth rather than oily and greasy. You could tell that the octopus was freshly caught from its elasticity and bite, the springy juicy plumpness of the meat hitting all the right senses.

Arroz De Tamboril (25 Euros)

And finally…the star of the show! Our family’s favourite monkfish seafood rice! Like before, this dish did not disappoint and was a comforting finish to the main courses that we ordered. This dish gives off such a homey loving vibe; it feels like something cooked with utmost care by a loved one and being able to consume this on a cold wintry afternoon is just pure bliss of a kind :’).

Desserts, or rather as the Portuguese call it, Sobremesas, is always a must at this restaurant. I chose the gorgeous chocolate cake we had previously (of course it’s a must that’s my favourite chocolate cake ever), and my sister chose the creme brûlée instead since the panna cotta was no longer available.

I shan’t go on and on like a broken recorder about the wonderful deliciousness of the chocolate cake anymore (see previous post for my review) so instead let us focus on the creme brûlée this time round. Like the other desserts, this was a treat for the tastebuds and I expected no less. The thin sweet caramelised sugar shell at the top was evenly balanced by the milky, creamy, smooth concoction below resulting in a golden harmony that slides readily down the throat, gulp after gulp after gulp…

Once again, our family of 4 spent more than a good hour eating to our hearts’ content at this cozy little restaurant that has found a place in our hearts. So satisfied were we with the service, pricing, food and ambience that we made another reservation at the end of our second dining experience for the following day – even though we had more or less finished touring Sintra and it was our last day in Portugal. There’s something magically addictive about this place that keeps us coming back for more.

Stay tuned for our third dining experience coming up in the next post!:)

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