Living Alone Diaries: Do I Like It?

It’s another couple of days after I’ve just reached Adelaide. The past few days have been rather productive – I managed to unpack all the junk that was stashed in the closet (to the brim may I add), clean my room and the whole house actually, do the laundry, decorate my room slightly…

After the initial bout of homesickness from my sudden departure, and the jarring contrast of living in a warm family of 4 to living life as a singleton, I must say I am rather well adjusted to this new lifestyle. Of course, it’ll only be another couple of days of me living alone in the 5 room apartment, before my other housemates move in. But in the meantime, here are my thoughts about what it is like to live alone at the age of 20 going on 21.

Living alone is definitely not everyone’s cup of tea, especially if you’re the kind of person that thrives on social contact and interaction, and just can’t stand an empty quiet house. Personally, I rather much enjoy such an environment. I don’t think I can say I LOVE it, because there are cons too, but living alone is definitely something I foresee myself doing in the future if I remain single.

There’s so much freedom living alone – you can do whatever you want, whenever you want without having to be concerned about others’ needs simply because there is no one else around! You can choose when you want to clean the house, when to do use the kitchen, how long to bathe, where to lounge about, when to have your meals…and there’s just this rewarding feeling of responsibility. It’s nice knowing you can manage one whole apartment by yourself, nice to know that you are grown-up enough to live life alone independently.

A day in my life goes something like this:

9AM – Wake up and get ready

9:30AM – Head out to the Uni’s gym and do my workout (Mon, Wed, Fri)

11AM – Come back home and shower, unwind and relax

12PM – Make and eat brunch/lunch (currently doing intermittent fasting shall do a post about my thoughts on it)

The rest of the day will either be spent going out for some grocery shopping/shopping, cleaning the house, cooking (and trying out new recipes wuhuu) watching tons of videos and being a couch potato, working on my blog content while I sip on some good ol’ coffee and put on some relaxing chill music (where I can play it out loud to my heart’s content since I’m not bothering anyone)…

I feel like a lifestyle blogger with this current way of living. It’s almost as if I’m “working” from home and this makes me feel productive and good about myself.

Of course, there will also be moments whereby the apartment seems too quiet and you feel lonely. This is the reason why I had to put my binge-watching-thriller-kdramas habit on hold, because thriller and solo living? Not a good idea especially when you have to make a midnight run to the toilet. Usually when I’m feeling a little alone, I like to cuddle in my bed and surround myself with cushy pillows and hug my bolster tightly. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. But at the end of it all, like how there’s sun after the end of a thunderstorm, these sad moments never last for long and soon it’s all back to normal.

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