My Friday Gym Routine: Cardio Session

I have no idea why the first of my gym routine series is strangely the last day of my workout in a week, but it’s ok let’s dive right in to how I keep fit in Uni!

Currently, I’m on a gym 3x per week kind of routine – not too much, not too little. Just right in my opinion. I used to be the kind of girl who works out 5, 6 times a week or even every single day without rest. I had the mindset that exercise was the critical factor needed to stay slim and fit but truly what is most important? It’s our diet, it’s what we put in our body that matters most. Exercise can only help to burn off some calories, but it CANNOT offset a caloric bomb.

Because of the misconception I had in the past, I would binge on so much junk food late at night and then proceed to ‘burn it off’ the next day by exercising. I was tired of going to the gym, tired of eating the way I was, tired of seeing my body look the way it was. Now, with my new mindset of 70% diet 30% exercise, I find myself in a better place with better balance. By the way, when I say diet, I mean the foods we consume on a daily basis and not one of those crazy fad eating routines meant to shed weight in an instant ( I do not believe in those because the resultant yoyo effect makes things worse than it used to be at the start).

Rant over, now let’s really move on to my workout 🙂 2 out of my 3 gym sessions are dedicated for weight training mostly – arms and legs specifically. And then the last gym session of the week is none other than good ol’ cardio! I’ll be doing up separate posts for my weight training routines so look out for those in the upcoming days.

For cardio, my workout goes a little something like this:

  1. 30 minute incline walk (incline 12, speed 4.4)
  2. 10 min abs workout
  3. 30 minute cycling (level 7.0)
  4. Assisted pull ups and chin dips

It’s been a while since I had access to a good uncrowded gym, so I’m less fit than I used to be. Right now, I’m focusing on slowly building up my endurance and strength so this is a rather minimal workout routine. As the months pass and I grow stronger, I’ll typically add a few more exercises in to get a smashing good workout.

Let me explain each part of my workout in greater detail.

Incline walk: I’m not a running/marathon kind of girl, so incline walking is the perfect exercise for me. Besides, it causes less damage to your kneecaps than running since the impact is smaller. Got this idea after watching Lauren Giraldo on Youtube and she swears by this so I decided to give it a try and voila it’s now one of my workout essentials!

10 min Abs workout: I rely on Youtube for a wide range of abs workouts. There are so many options available – what I do is that I create an exercise playlist and add suitable workout videos. When I’m at the gym, I just pick one out of the list to follow. I find it’s better to have a mix of workouts so that your body is always trying something different and you’re constantly pushing yourself. I find that if I stick to one same routine for the whole time, my body becomes accustomed to the routine and soon it feels less effective than it used to be in the beginning. Not sure if it makes sense but that’s how I feel about it. How do you know you’re becoming over familiar with a workout? It’s when you unconsciously memorise the routine and know what’s coming next even before the video shows it. That’s when you know it’s time to find something new to try!

Cycling: self explanatory; I literally just plop my ass on the seat and watch videos while working those legs

Assisted pull ups and chin dips: I use the gym machine to do this, because my back muscles are still not strong enough to hold my weight and pull myself up. Am hoping to be able to do a full pull up by myself at the end of this year without any help! One step at a time!

And that, is the end of my cardio routine! I know it’s good to stretch after a workout, but sometimes I get too lazy and hungry so I just dash right home. But, I would highly recommend you stretch to cool down those muscles of yours (I probably should start taking my own advice lol).

Hope this post is helpful for those out there who’s starting on their fitness journey but have no clue about where to begin! Don’t stress about being a newbie at the gym, or should I say, don’t sweat it 😉 Everyone’s busy working out, working hard, so there’s no need to feel self-conscious! You’re doing it for you, and you alone. You’ve got this!

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