Discovering My Sense Of Style

This is the first of a random post that I’m not quite sure where to categorize it under but we shall see. This post was inspired after I binge watched a whole bunch of bestdressed’s fashion videos on Youtube and had so many ideas buzzing in my head and hence I have decided to release them all here 🙂

On Saturday, I decided to head out into the city and do a bit of window shopping. One of the advice I learnt was that you’re supposed to allocate yourself plenty of time to shop BUT that does not mean buying more clothing. No no. It simply means you give yourself a greater allowance to see what works and what doesn’t. Indeed, in the past, I’d go into a fitting room and come out within minutes. In my head, I only thought about trying to see if it fits my body, not whether it fits my style/ the rest of the wardrobe. I decided to do things differently this time round by going into a bunch of shops, picking out outfits to style and try on.

But first, what’s going shopping without putting on a cute outfit to head out? I decided to challenge myself and wear a blouse that I haven’t worn in a long time. This red polka dotted blouse was still cute in my opinion, but I always felt like it didn’t fit my body that well? Or maybe it’s just me and my overcritical thinking.

Paired the blouse with a pair of high waisted shorts – LOVE that they are buttons instead of a zip because it means I can go about sitting and standing without worrying the zip will come down and I’ll be flashing everyone unintentionally. Since I felt a little self-conscious initially, I threw on a thin denim long sleeved shirt that works as an outerwear as well. Comfy, basic white sneakers completed the whole look.

To take things one step further and go out of my comfort zone even more, I went big on accessorising. I’m usually the kind of girl that does minimal accessories, changing a earring here and there, but never wearing hair accessories. This time though… I bought myself a set of pearl hair clips and pinned it on one side of my head!

I ended up liking that hair clip style a lot, I think I’ll be wearing my hair out in this manner more often and put the money spent on the hair clips to good use!

And now… for my window shopping adventures! So I stepped into cotton on, and tried on a couple of jeans. I thought I was going to come out empty handed because did NOT intend to spend any money but…

EeEEEEEk! I bought those cute pair of high waisted ripped baggy jeans! I swear, I was going to put them back and give it some more thought, perhaps coming back a few weeks later to purchase them. But as I was at the shelf, a shop assistant who was tidying up the jeans asked me what size I was looking for (she thought I was hunting for a pair) and when I told her my size, she went ‘oh, that size sells out really quickly here, always snapped up within a short period’. And she wasn’t lying, because when I was rifling through the jeans earlier, I picked out the last of my size. These jeans will definitely be worn more than 10 times, I’m sure of it, so I’m not regretful at all hehe.

AND then, I paired a sea-foam green sweater with the jeans and the outfit looked so CUTE. Managed to barely force myself to put the sweater back on the shelf, but as I’m looking at this picture once more, I think I’m gonna end up buying it next week (because it’s the start of the month and that means new budget)!

Tried on a yellow summer dress which was very comfortable but unfortunately was a little too big on me. I think that dress will look amazing when layered on top of a black turtleneck sweater, especially because of its low square neck outline. Shall continue to keep a lookout for similar dresses. Also tried on a black night dress (this was left hanging in the changing room by the previous occupant but it looked cute so I put it on too hehe). Likewise, I thought of layering it on top of a high neck sweater; the only thing stopping me was that I didn’t really like how the lower half of the dress kept clinging to my body.

Overall, I had a really fun time trying to put together outfits! Have no idea why I never thought of assembling outfits in store – I used to always just pick out clothes that looked nice on the rack by themselves, but never think about how to style or wear them properly. Definitely will be window shopping more often in the future to practice my outfit pairing skills, but let’s hope I don’t succumb and hand over my money so easily.

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