2020 Milestone #1: Getting My iPad and Apple Pencil (finally!!!) for Uni

Monday 24 February 2020:

(At about 10PM)

I did it. I just made an online purchase for my very first iPad and Apple Pencil! What an emotional journey it has been :’) The thought of getting these items has been floating around in my mind since last year, but they were fleeting and all those times I’d just brush it off and told myself to save that money. But yesterday, I FINALLY did it!

The whole trigger started when I was getting comfy in bed after a shower, and watching one of bestdressed’s videos on Youtube (as usual). Within the first 5 minutes, a scene of her using her iPad to doodle just hit me hard and the idea of getting my own iPad reared out from whatever depths it had been hiding under for the past few months. The thought was so sudden, swift, but HARD. It hit me deep and I felt like I had to get that iPad with every fibre of my being.

I managed to halt my impulsiveness for a quick minute to get some reviews from my friends who’ve been using iPads to take notes during lectures in University, just so I won’t make a decision I’ll come to regret in the future. Aaand, within the next 45 minutes, will you believe it, I made an online purchase for my 2 babies!!!

There was a free engraving service that was super tempting, but that would mean delaying my collection time to next week (and school would’ve started by then) instead of tomorrow, so I decided to skip out on that in the end.

When my friends found out that I’d had really gone and purchased my iPad and pencil, they were so excited for me! Which was really precious and sweet of them and their excitement made me even more excited for the next day to come so that I can pick up my order! I created a new playlist on Youtube titled ‘Note taking for iPad’ and started adding potential videos to watch tomorrow so that I can familiarize myself with the wonders of taking beautiful comprehensive notes in an organised manner – all right in time before school starts next week!

Tuesday 25 February:

(At about 5:30AM)

I was so extremely excite the entire night, which is probably why I didn’t get a good night’s sleep and woke up waaay earlier than my alarm (supposed to be 8AM). It felt exactly like those sleepless (or very light sleep) nights on an overnight plane – you just can’t go into deep sleep no matter how hard you try. Or at least that’s how I am. The few hours of sleep I had, were extremely light, and I’d toss and turn with my brain absolutely swarming with so many thoughts. This is me every time I have something exciting planned the following day – I’d be looking forward for the next day SO much that sleep is completely out of the question. Anyone feel me on this? Somehow my friends and family don’t seem to experience this excitement induced jetlag.

Tossed and turned a couple more times, trying to get back to sleep, but knowing I’d have to wake up in about 2 hours just put sleeping off. I decided not to waste anymore time lying in bed (getting super restless and bored) so here I am, sitting at my desk, relying on my euphoria to pour out all the emotions I’ve been experiencing thus far while it’s still fresh. 🙂

Oh my goodness… the email to notify me that my items are ready for collection came waaay earlier than expected. Basically right as I finished typing the above few paragraphs, I checked my phone and VOILA there the email is! They sent it at about 7.30AM which is amazing because the store only opens at 9AM.

And because of that, I did my makeup, got ready in record time, dashed out of the house and caught the earlier bus into the city! Because I was intending to get some groceries as well, I forced myself to be patient and not go straight for collection but rather buy my necessities first so that I wouldn’t have to carry my new babies into the market. I also didn’t want to seem overly eager by being the very first customer to step in when the doors opened at 9AM, so I spent some time browsing through the other shops nearby to hunt for a good iPad cover and screen protector to protect my babies immediately after I get them since I’m a terribly clumsy person prone to dropping valuables.

10AM: Headed into the store and everything went smoothly!!! Picked up my items without a problem and the staff there were all so friendly and helpful. I thought I’d do the unboxing at home, but changed my mind since it’ll be easier to finish setting the iPad at the store itself. I remember how my hands were shaking slightly as I was opening the box, and you know how the box is pretty tight and hard to open? Yeah, I spent a good few minutes, shaking the box here and there, wriggling it right and left – it’s almost like trying to shimmy out of a pair of skin tight jeans. An elderly man sitting opposite me was very amused by my antics and after a while he was like ‘I think you need a hammer with that!’

Eventually, I got everything settled and waltzed right out of Apple and on to my next destination which was to get protection! Bought myself a screen protector and had the lady fix it on for me that instant because I am hopeless doing it myself. Also got an iPad cover since there was a package price but overall buying these items in Adelaide is PRICEY – it was about $80 for the two items combined and that’s the regular price since I checked out some other stores too for comparison.

I am so excited to start using my new items for note taking in Uni wuhuuu!!! Seeing as how I’m someone who prefers writing to typing when I study, I think it’s safe to say I’ll put my new purchases to good use and safe the Earth while doing because it’s now time for paperless notes! 🙂

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