My Wednesday Gym Routine: Lower Body Day!

It’s been a bit since I’ve posted another workout routine – the past few days have been filled with many other distractions and now I have finally found a spare pocket of time to get this down and out! Without further ado, let’s jump right in!

On Wednesdays, this is when I do my second weight training session of the week, specifically targeting the lower body parts which include the quads, hamstrings, inner thighs and glutes mainly.

Here is what my typical routine looks like currently:

  1. Inner Abductors
  2. Outer Abductors
  3. Leg Press
  4. Quadricep Extension
  5. Hamstring Flex
  6. Lunges with Weights
  7. Squats

For each exercise, I’d do 4 sets of 35s work, 25s rest – the same format as my upper body training routine.

Inner Abductors

Here I am, training my inner thighs as seen in the short clip above. It’s pretty simple – just sit and squeeze your thighs together until the padding touch. I used to be able to handle a heavier load, but over the summer holidays, my strength has reduced so now I’m doing a lighter load. This gets pretty intense, it usually leaves my legs feeling jittery and shaky after I’m done followed by the routine muscle aches the day after.

Outer Abductors

I also use the same machine to train the muscles on the outer thigh / glutes area. Just a simple switch of the machine’s lever, and we are all good to go! This is always much easier for me compared to the inner abductor one so what I do is that I alternate between 2 sets of inner thigh followed by 2 sets of outer thigh workout. And then repeat for a second time to ensure that both inner and outer thighs have 4 sets each. I find that this sequence helps me make the best out of the workout – it gives my muscles sufficient time to break so that I can continue to push the subsequent rounds.

Leg Press

Instead of using the machine in a typical manner (that is placing both feet on the board and pushing), I like to use the machine one leg at a time. By taking a lighter load and only using one leg to push the board, I find that this gives me a better control of the muscles for each leg. Sometimes, when I do 2 legs at once, one leg ends up pushing a little bit more than the other unconsciously. So by focusing on one leg at each round, it works my muscle more effectively.

Quadricep Extension

Working out those quads with this machine! There’s really nothing more to say about this standard leg exercise.

Hamstring Flex

This is the same machine as for the quadricep extension with a change in the lever settings. All I gotta do is just sit, and use the strength of my hamstring muscles to bring the roller down. Mind-muscle-connection is important for this one; you want to really think about squeezing those muscles instead of relying simply on momentum to bring the weight down.

Weighted Lunges

With a 6kg dumbbell in each hand, I do the regular front leg lunges alternating between the right and left leg each time. The important tip to note for this move is to ensure that your front knee is always bent at a right angle, and that the knee cap does not extend over the toes. Go slow and steady for this, think about the muscles you’re meant to activate and ease into the bend instead of aiming to max out your reps. It’s the quality that counts, not the quantity!

Barbell Squats

Since I have yet to reach my peak condition, I’m lifting a lighter weight of 15kg currently. The ladies gym in my school also does not have a barbell rack (only the weights room has it and as of now I’m still slightly intimidated to go there) so I can’t really squat too heavy since it’s nearly impossible to get the barbell onto my shoulders. But 15kg is nice enough for me to lift it over my head. With the barbell nestled nicely on my shoulder blades, I squat deep. Similar to the lunges, it’s important to make sure your kneecaps don’t exceed your toes and that it’s not facing inwards (rather kneecaps should point outwards). Really stick your butt out (don’t be self conscious show off that booty in progress), keep your back straight and go slow. Ease into the squat, and when rising up, remember to SQUEEZE those glute muscles.

After finishing up with all my leg exercises, it’s time for my 2 workout essentials which I do every gym session and that is none other than:

  1. 30 minute incline walking
  2. 10 min ABS routine

This post concludes my 3 day per week gym routine! I hope this series has been useful for those wanting to start out at the gym / wanting new exercise ideas. Now, put on your training shoes and go for a smashing good workout! Stay healthy, fit and stronggg! 🙂

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