Back To School: First Day Of Uni Vibes + End of First Week Thoughts

Saturday 07 March 2020:

It’s currently officially the end of the first week of school; there’s finally a spare pocket of time for me to catch my breath, sit down, and get started on blogging once again. This past week has been hectic, filled with new things to do, getting back on track with academics as well as lots and lots and lots of planning/scheduling involved. But first, let’s go back to the very first day of my second year in Uni…

Monday 02 March 2020:

First day of school and all I have on my timetable are 3 lectures – one on physiology, another on nutrition, and the last was biochemistry. Technically I could have streamed these lectures online since physical attendance is not compulsory, but I figured since it was the beginning of semester, I should at least show my face. Unpopular opinion (I think), but I actually prefer going for lectures in person sometimes because I feel that it keeps me more engaged and connected as compared to streaming it online whereby I’ll definitely get distracted by a thousand other things (like my bed, my phone, my thoughts). I tried streaming a lecture in bed once (using my very handy bed table) and it did not work out as you can probably guess – I dozed off within the first half hour.

As it was the very first lecture for each of the modules, there was no study content included, it was more of an introduction covering what to expect in the module and assessment methods.

The first 2 lectures (physiology and nutrition) were back to back at the same lecture theatre, so I sat there from 9-11am listening and trying hard to pay attention. Towards the end of the second lecture, I could feel my stomach starting to growl which was pretty embarrassing because that particular lecture theatre is known to have seats that are packed closely, which meant that any sounds emitted would definitely travel fast. Tried sniffling to cover up the rumbling of my stomach – I can only hope no one noticed ooopsie!

After the first 2 lectures, there was a 2h lunch break before my last lecture so me and my friends headed over to the main campus hub area. One thing I really love about my school is the student’s welfare – since it was O’week (actually now they’ve made it into O’month), the student union was giving out free mini sandwiches for lunch! Apart from that, they decorated the grassy patch in the central hub to resemble a picnic style gathering. There were carpets, floor pillows, wooden tables draped with lace cloth and decorated with dried flowers in vases. The perfect set-up for a sunny, blue-skies kind of day.

I packed my own lunch as well and on this day, I prepared a box of multigrain vegetarian kimbap and a jar of overnight oats topped with frozen berries. Eating a big meal because of intermittent fasting! Packing meals to school is really convenient because there are so many microwaves available and the central campus even has a kitchen area filled with other cooking devices such as a sandwich press machine, kettles, and the usual vending machines.

Did I mention there was also busking? He was singing one of my favourite songs – “Rude” by Magic!. That song just really hit the right spot, and was so in tune with the ambience that day. Truly peaceful, carefree and happy – gotta cherish all these before studies pick up and assignments come swarming in.

There was even a corgi on campus! Our school occasionally brings dogs around – not sure who they belong to, but they are definitely a sight for the eyes and instantly brightens up my day!

Today was truly a perfect start to my second year at Uni and I’m definitely savouring it as much as possible because I know it won’t be long before there’s no time to relax in such a manner. Feeling very blessed to be studying in this beautiful school with such a supportive network and excellent student welfare services!

Saturday 07 March 2020:

And now we’re back to the present moment – life is no longer as relaxed and slow paced as it was just a couple days ago. Lectures and tutorials have officially begun, and my readings are piling up. My schedule for this week is actually pretty chill, I had 2 free days on Wednesday and Friday but the amount of work that has to be done out of curriculum (studying, homework, making notes etc) definitely occupies the bulk of my time. I still have a never-ending list of tasks to complete amidst daily chores such as cooking, cleaning and looking after my own self as an international student living abroad alone. Thankfully, I did manage to sort out my schedule and plan out my personal timetable so at least I am not so lost all the time (look out for my future post on how to stay organised in Uni/School)!

And today is none other than International Women’s Day! Because of that, I managed to snag a free tank top from Lorna Jane as part of their marketing campaign, but what made it better was the fact that they even put the top in their reusable nylon bags that looks super gorgeous! Definitely gonna use that as one of my gym bags especially since it is rather large and spacious which is perfect for stuffing all my gym essentials!

With that, I shall end my post here by wishing everyone a happy women’s day! If you’re a man, I wish you a good day ahead as well! And have a great weekend ahead! (Thank goodness Monday is a public holiday here I desperately need that day to catch up on studies).

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