A week in my life: Week 2 of school highlights

Currently, it’s only the second week of school but I feel as though I’m already swamped with many things – upcoming assignments, personal commitments, going out with friends and socialising, housekeeping duties and basically just staying afloat amidst this hectic period. And it’s not even the worse yet – it’s barely begun.

Perhaps, that is the reason why I haven’t been able to find a good time to sit down with a good cuppa, in a nice chill environment, and type to my heart’s content like I used to weeks ago before uni started. Kinda facing a bit of a writer’s block – I’m not sure what content to focus on right now. I do have plans to write about my past holiday travel experiences, how to stay organised and be on task … but these topics just don’t feel right to write at this point in time. Rather than churn out a lousy, half-hearted piece of writing, I think I shall save it for when I have the luxury once more to do nothing but chill and blog.

BUT, we can’t let this blog space go to waste, can we? So instead, I have decided to do a weekly post focusing on the highlights that has happened in my life every week (duh). It’s kind of like those ‘A week in my life’ videos on Youtube (which I’m absolutely addicted to watching I don’t even know why), just that in blog format. Not sure if this is a thing but it’s ok, I shall make this my thing.

Monday 09 March 2020:

Today is actually a public holiday (apparently it’s Adelaide Cup Day) and while normal people would be ecstatic over this extra day of break, but for me it was like any other day – I didn’t do anything special; literally spent most of the day glued to my laptop/iPad working on assignments, organising my schedule ahead of time. Even though it sounds boring, but I was blessed with the best ever study spot – it’s my favourite corner ever in the whole of campus!

With such a beautiful study spot like this, how can I not be productive?

My housemate finally bought her own car (second hand cars can be pretty affordable here in Adelaide)!!! Followed her to pick her new property up and provide emotional support for her very first official drive. One memorable incident that happened: our car stopped at a traffic light, and I happened to glance out the passenger’s window and made awkward eye contact with this guy driver. Traffic light turned green and off we went, but that same guy tried to keep right beside us and catch my eye again HAHA I pretended not to notice and looked straight ahead. Lost him halfway because we crossed a junction while he got stuck behind.

Tuesday 10 March 2020:

It’s back to school! Had my first biochemistry lab session – it took 3 long hours, and it was a stressful confusing hectic one because using a spectrophotometer is not my area of expertise. We also had to observe a fungal infection of grapes under a microscope and I managed to get a picture of what that looked like:

I’m sorry if this ruined your appetite – I made it as small as possible

Decided to dress up for school today because why not? Since I’ve already lugged my nice clothes over, I may as well put them to good use and actually wear them. Felt cute in this white romper paired with a fitted denim jacket (which I hardly wore before so hurrah to using it more often this year!)

Finally cut up my cantaloupe which was sitting around for a couple days. It’s currently cantaloupe season, and this tastes SO GOOD!!!! The moment I cut it up, the fragrant ripe smell of the melon wafted through the air – it smelt as sweet as honey and syrup and all things yummy. Best part is that one whole entire melon only costs $2. Because it was so ripe, the flesh was soft and easily slid/separated away from the thick rough skin.

Thursday 12 March 2020:

Joined the Nutrition club in my school once again (no surprise given my degree is in Nutrition and Dietetics)! There was a breakfast club meeting at 8am in the morning (we do things real early here in Oz; no surprise since the sun is up so early too). Had to miss out on all those goodies because of my intermittent fasting, but I did grab a gluten free cake slice to take away because I was curious of its taste – more sweet than flavourful, texture was a bit stale and tough definitely not the soft spongy fluffy texture you’d expect.

Friday 13 March 2020:

Oh wow it’s actually Friday the 13th not sure how to feel about that – my friend asked me if I perceive such a day to be lucky or unlucky and frankly, I feel that it can go both ways?

This was the day of my supermarket tour – this was an activity organised by my faculty to educate international students about making healthy shopping choices (groceries related) and familiarise them with the products/brands here. Since I am in my second year in Uni and rather used to food shopping locally, I volunteered to be a tour guide! Mainly did this to step out of my comfort zone since this meant I had to interact with strangers and speak publicly, and this also gave me a chance to practice what I could potentially be doing in the future as a clinical dietitian!

Group picture: Fringe ‘Suspension of Disbelief’ show at Ayers House

Attended a Fringe Festival show tonight! Fringe is a popular Adelaide festival that takes place every year during Feb/March and during this period, there’ll be many different shows and performances spread throughout the city across a variety of locations, as well as mouthwatering food trucks and carnival rides at the Garden of Unearthly Delights. This night marks the second show I’ve seen so far: the first was a one-man comedy performance called ‘Don’t shoot! I’m vegan!’ and now this is a magic show called ‘Suspension of Disbelief’. Not sure if it’s coincidence that we witnessed a couple of magical and mind-blowing acts on Friday the 13th, but nonetheless it was a good way to spend the night :’)

Sunday 15 March 2020:

Visited Gilles at the Grounds today! This is basically a market fair that is held at the end (or at least once) of every month, with a mix of fixed and new stores. Apart from stores selling arts and craft (hand painted cards, ceramics, paintings), there were also clothing stores (vintage, pre-loved, new) and not to forget, food stores! The spread of stores vary across the different months and today when we went, the selection of food stores wasn’t that great so we ended up going for lunch at a nearby cafe instead.

Went to the market not expecting to buy anything because that was the case last month, but I came out with 2 loots – a pair of secondhand Tony Bianco heels that are SKY HIGH (but it was $10), and a printed Basler blouse that was so SILKY and soft would definitely wear it as pyjamas even if I don’t end up wearing it out (though I’m pretty sure I will).

Lunch situation! Mine was the 2 slices of toasted sourdough topped with smashed chickpeas, coriander, chopped tomatoes and a sprinkling of crumbled feta cheese to top off the whole ensemble.

Walked around the streets for a bit to digest and stumbled across a whole wall filled with gorgeous graphic designs even on the floors. WOW. Of course, had to snap some pictures as well to capture the beauty. I only wish Singapore had walls and street art like that – it would totally liven up the whole city.

Managed to reach home earlier than I expected (at around 3pm) and of course, it’s time to go back to work. Settled down, unpacked my loots and got down to working on my assignments once more. It’s the start of the new week tomorrow, which means I need to get ahead with my planning and scheduling to make sure I don’t forget to complete any work.

It has been an eventful week 2 so far, I hope you guys had a lovely week too! xx

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