Week in my life: 16 – 22 March 2020 (Part 1)

Monday 16 March 2020:

Can’t believe it’s only the first day of week 3 of uni and so many changes have been implemented. Got notified that an upcoming annual social gathering event would be cancelled due to the coronavirus situation (disappointing because I was looking so forward to it but oh well it’s just a small matter). And then our school officially announced that all lectures would be conducted online from Tuesday onwards – not much of a difference because Flinders has always been recording its lectures for students to watch in their own time if they choose not to attend physically so I would say our school is pretty much prepared for shifting studying to an online format.

What surprised me though was that even my Physiology lab practical was converted into an online mode! And each practical contributes to our overall assessment but now it’ll be done online via sample data provided to us. Not complaining about this change though – I’m the kind of person who dislikes labs in general because it stresses me out so now that we have sample data to work with, I am thankful for that.

All these changes are making me feel very unproductive academics wise – it feels like studies should be the least of my worries in unprecedented times like these when other aspects of life such as our health and safety should be the utmost importance. But I get that we shouldn’t let our whole life fully revolve around this one virus and let it stop us in our tracks. I guess this is my lazy self attempting to justify my procrastinations.

I really am not in the mood to do more work tonight (did quite a bit of studying since early morning at least). I shall go to bed early and have an earlier start tomorrow.

Tuesday 17 March 2020:

Most significant of the day was going out to grocery shop with the rest of my housemates! We’ve been living together since the start of last year, but not once was there a full house trip to the shopping mall to get groceries. The whole coronavirus situation however has certainly changed things – we decided to carpool and stock up on essentials as a bunch.

Coles, Woolies, Aldis… it was stressful doing grocery shopping in these stores. You can feel that invisible tension and stress while going down the aisles. It wasn’t very crowded when we went at about 2.30PM, but this made the whole atmosphere seem more sombre and serious. Shelves that used to hold canned beans and vegetables, bread, UHT milk, oats, toilet rolls (duh) were all wiped out. Thankfully, the brand of soy milk that I always drink (Vitasoy) still had several cartons left – presumably because it’s more expensive compared to other brands. I immediately grabbed 6 cartons of UHT soy milk and loaded them into my trolley; I go through soy milk really quickly on a regular basis (because I use them in my oats, my daily granola snack, with my microwaved frozen fruits…the list is endless). Now I feel as though I have to ration and control the amount of soy milk I drink on a daily basis.

Bought a 5kg bag of rice when I first came to Adelaide in Feb because it was half priced and going for $8 and it was via home delivery – thank goodness for that because at least now I don’t have to scramble and hunt for rice bags. Along with the home delivery, our house also ordered a whole bunch of toilet paper (because us 5 girls in one apartment means we use quite a bit of that) so we still have toilet paper stocked in our home shelves but definitely have to start using even more mindfully. I told my housemates if our house ever runs out of toilet paper, we probably need to walk to campus and use those toilets instead. Hopefully those ones won’t run out since lectures and classes are pretty much online based right now.

Wednesday 18 March 2020:

One of the rare few days that I’m leaving campus accommodation to go out for a meal with friends. Might not be the wisest thing to do, but for the sake of mental health, we decided to go ahead with plans – staying at home cooped up by 4 walls for an extended duration is certainly taking a toll emotionally.

Even though it was just a regular lunch date at a Korean eatery in city, I decided to dress up a lil’ and apply some makeup because goodness knows when the next time will be.

Our lunch destination for the day was Mukbang – a korean restaurant/eatery located near Chinatown in Adelaide. Apparently, there are rumours that it’ll be closing down soon, which was why we decided to pay a trip there. I opted for the vegetarian dolsot bimbimbap with tofu and boy was the portion generous! The amount of rice given was a HEAPING full, but you can’t really tell because of all the other ingredients piled on. One thing that I greatly appreciated was that they give you the condiments (gochujang sauce, sesame oil) by the side, so you could choose how much of each to add based on personal preference.

Just hear that delightful yummy sizzling!!! It’s been too long since I had bibimbap in a stone bowl – completely forgot that I was meant to leave a bottom layer of rice to the pot so that it’ll get all burnt and crispy; instead I mixed it all up thoroughly so there were only tiny portions of crispy rice but nevertheless those tasted AMAZING. Overall, I just LOVE bibimbap so so much.

My friends got a plate of fried chicken to share and it was topped with a whole mountain of spring onions YUM! According to them, the batter was light and airy, while the chicken was soft moist and tender. Additionally, this place is also flexible with their menu – my vegan friend was able to kinda personalise her order (by removing certain ingredients in the vegetarian version and replacing with extra vegetables instead).

Even though I was really stuffed from the bibimbap, butttt there is always room for dessert! After lunch was done, we headed over to Gyoza bar which was located nearby and got some soy soft serve. The whole cone was only $3.50 how could I resist that temptation?

Got myself a mixed version – half houjicha and half matcha! Light and creamy for a hot weather day like today!

Popped by Central Market after dessert to buy some groceries. Look at that glorious big PEACH they are beautiful. Also went into the wholesome store for the first time despite this being my second year in Adelaide and I can’t believe I’ve been missing out on this place the past year.

Basically, they sell a whole wide range of products from various types of flour, to seeds, to confectionery etc…. and the best part is that you can bring your own containers to scoop and weigh! What a marvellous idea to try and reduce environmental waste!

Bought a bag of sticky brown rice from the Korean Mart, and just right after, the possibility of flying back home to Singapore became a little higher so….not sure why I stocked up on food but at least they have a rather long shelf life?

This post is starting to get longer than expected, so the remaining days of the week will be going up in the next post!

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