COVID'19: Our 14 Day Stay Home Notice (Day 0)

As of now, all Singaporeans returning from abroad will have to serve a mandatory 14 day stay home notice. This means staying inside a room/apartment for 2 weeks straight, and not one foot should be set out of the house, not even to buy groceries.

My friends and I who are returning from Adelaide, the 4 of us have thankfully managed to work out something together which will minimise the risk of impacting our family members. Basically, we managed to secure a small flat, and we would be residing there temporarily to isolate ourselves from the rest of our family. Seeing as how we are currently living in the same apartment in Adelaide, taking the exact same flight and sitting next to each other on the plane, we felt that it would be best to serve our stay home notice together as a bunch too.

The parents have been super supportive – cleaning up, stocking up the apartment with all sorts of necessities we might need (food, cleaning supplies, toiletries, bedding etc). Feeling so blessed and thankful to have such a good network back at home :”)

Tuesday 24 March 2020 (Day 0):

After our arrival at the airport + whole sanitising process, we were finally allowed to enter the flat! Took turns to shower – it felt heavenly being able to fully wash away all the invisible dirt and grime away and just have a good long scrub with shampoo and soap.

Did a little bit of unpacking, which is essentially not much since I won’t be needing to change clothes often. I mean, I will literally be stuck at home the whole day so technically I can be in PJs if I want to.

Unfortunately, the wifi router that we bought beforehand is not working. So we have to rely on our very limited mobile data (it’s expensive here in SG) until the thing gets fixed tomorrow (hopefully).

Some of the parents then bought dinner for our very first night so we didn’t have to spend time and effort cooking after a long and tiring flight. They bought some bubble/boba tea, boxes of sushi and we had some salad that was already in the fridge. The parents were really so cute, offering to buy us even more snacks and meals in the following days as a ‘reward’ for staying at home, though really it is our duty to ensure that we are socially responsible and not risk the health of others.

Had a little bit more snacks after dinner (I think its the stress eating) and I had to break my 1 month plus streak of intermittent fasting (both on the plane and when I landed due to time difference) but all is well – I shall start my new intermittent fasting streak on Day 1 of officially being back in Singapore. The 14 day SHN will also allow me to get used to this eating schedule, before I move back home with my family so I will think positive and look at this as a blessing in disguise!

9PM :

The lights are out and I’m falling asleep.

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