COVID'19: Our 14 Day Stay Home Notice (Day 1)

Wednesday 25 March 2020:

Today is the official first out of the fourteen days of our stay home notice. The 4 of us woke up at around the same time (7:15AM SG time). I’m quite surprised, because I thought that the others will sleep in after such a long and tiring day yesterday.

As of now, the wifi is still down so I’m still relying on my mobile data to get me through. I have lectures and assignments to catch up on but thankfully today is a no school day (even in Adelaide) so I can spend the whole day working on the things that I’ve missed out on so far.

Because of the limited internet connection, what I’ve been able to do so far is to download my lecture notes and sync it to my iPad to get a quick first scan through before watching the lectures later when internet connection is no longer an issue.


One of my friend’s parents came and did a swap of the wifi router for us since we couldn’t leave home and thankfully everything managed to work out! Yay to internet connection finally! No more excuse for me to procrastinate, so I got down to studying – pre reading my lecture notes, streaming lectures, doing readings…


It’s back to my intermittent fasting schedule! Apart from the coffee I had in the morning, I didn’t eat anything else. For brunch/lunch, I made myself a big hearty bowl of oatmeal with Vitasoy (so thankful Sg sells this too and not just Australia) and topped it with some chia seeds and blueberries. Also made myself a bowl of mixed green salad, with some chopped nuts and cherry tomatoes, dressed with a sweet and sour Thai sauce.

After lunch, it was back to work once more. Had a lot of work to clear (back log really) since I wasn’t able to do much studying the past few days.


Time for some home workout after a full day of inactivity and sitting down not moving much! Did a 10 minute Abs routine, and also a 15 minute low impact HIIT workout – so thankful for Youtube in times likes this for providing the needed resources to keep me in shape. Managed to get some sweat going in the warm and humid weather that is Singapore’s climate wew!

Made myself a quick post workout snack – almond butter slathered onto a slice of wholemeal bread. No toaster machine here, hence no toast unfortunately but I’ll make do with whatever I can afford right now.

Went back to doing work once more, this time round I started working on completing my 2 readings since there is gonna be a live stream tutorial for that tomorrow afternoon. Exercising made me more awake than before, so it wasn’t too torturous reading a long chapter full of words.


Wanted to start making dinner but alas, something cropped up with the flushing system. First, the toilet wouldn’t flush and when we managed to fix that problem, another issue came up – the water refused to stop running… Spent a long time trying to figure out how to fix the flushing system and we eventually kinda gave up and decided to just manually adjust the button after using to prevent water wastage.

Finally got around to making my dinner – cooked 2 portions of multigrain rice porridge mixed with a whole bunch of vegetables (bokchoy, chinese spinach, enoki mushrooms, carrots), tofu cubes, eggs and kimchi using gochujang sauce as its base. I was trying to emulate the porridge that I had been cooking in Adelaide – the end result tasted pretty similar to the porridge I made before, except I think it would have been better if I had more kimchi available with me.

As usual, just like when I was in Adelaide, I had a bowl of cereal for dessert. Also ate an apple since I didn’t have much fruit during the day. Still trying to hit my recommended serves of fruit and vegetable daily to ensure that I remain healthy!

For the rest of the night, what I ended up doing was: bathe, blog, study, chill and finally sleep!

With that, day 1 of SHN comes to a close. 13 more days to go before freedom!

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