COVID’19: Our 14 Day Stay Home Notice (Day 2)

Thursday 26 March 2020:


Body clock woke me up bright and early this morning, 1.5 hours before my alarm was due to ring. But no matter, this means I can take my own sweet time to get ready in the morning. It was a chill leisurely period, where I brushed my teeth, washed my face, did my skincare routine, and made some coffee.

Feeling more awake after cleaning up, so I decided to get some work done and be productive (since I am most hard working in the mornings – am totally a morning person through and through). Pulled out my iPad, and started my pre-reading of lecture slides for Biochemistry. Managed to whiz through 2 lectures and since I finished them faster than expected, I decided to continue streaming the actual lectures and make extra notes on the lecture slides.

That was pre-reading 2 sets of lecture slides, and watching 2 full lectures within 3.5 hours of waking up, am pretty impressed with my morning progress 🙂


Decided to chill a bit since I worked hard this morning, so I ended up watching random videos on youtube.


Started preparing my lunch, 15 minutes till the end of my intermittent fast! Decided to have the exact same thing as I had yesterday – there is comfort in eating familiar food, not to mention they taste absolutely delicious and satisfying!

Good lighting in the most unexpected of places! This picture deserves a shoutout even though I took a similar one yesterday hehe.


Had my very first online tutorial – forgot to mute my mic in the beginning oops thankfully the tutorial didn’t have many people around and I realised it within the first few minutes, so no harm done 🙂 Felt a bit nervous when it was my turn to share my views with the rest of the class which doesn’t make sense since everything is done anonymously in the sense that no one can see my face. But everything became better after the first round of sharing, I suppose it just takes a bit of time to get used to this new style of learning.

Swapped over to a new tutorial class because of the time difference between Singapore and Adelaide and I must say, I miss my old tutorial class already 😦 made some new friends in the previous class and it was really nice having discussions with them, getting to know them better but now that we are in different classes, it’s harder to maintain that interaction.


Tutorial is finally over! Am feeling really sleepy right now, so I’m gonna do my daily exercise. Today my plan is to do: 1. 10 minute Abs exercise 2. Blogilates booty workout 3. 15 min no equipment HIIT.

Yet another post workout sweaty selfie from me! The room that I was doing the workout in was pretty stuffy, so it feels like I’ve come out of a sauna every time I finish working out. Nevertheless, it feels good to get some exercise and stretching in after a whole day of being sedentary (I try to shake my legs as much as possible when sitting down to increase my activity level by a bit haha).


Streamed another lecture that was posted today – am finally keeping up with my official timetable! Almost forgot about this lecture but thankfully did remember to write it down in my planner. It was supposed to be a long 2 hour lecture, but for some reason, it got shortened to 30 minutes instead wuhuuu!!!

Started feeling bored and so went to the kitchen to hunt for some snacks: ended up eating a banana, and some cherry tomatoes.

Felt like I was not going to stop snacking at this rate, so I decided to start making dinner and keep myself busy to prevent an episode of binge snacking.

Heated up the leftover multigrain porridge from last night – was supposed to finish all of the stored leftovers but decided to split it into 3 servings total instead because I added too much ingredients today (chopped up a whole bunch of vegetables, and also made an onion omelette).

Am really proud and satisfied with the onion omelette I made! This has got to be the most perfect one that I’ve ever cooked up, all thanks to the superb non stick pan. Love that pan so much – its the perfect size for a 1 person serving and has the slickest smoothest surface ever. Can’t believe the eggs turned out so fluffy even though I didn’t try very hard in whisking it. Seeing this has made me more motivated to upgrade my omelette and add additional ingredients to it. Currently this only has eggs and onions in it, but perhaps tomorrow I shall attempt to make another one with mashed pumpkin bits in it. We’ll see how that goes!


Finished washing up, bathed and brushed my teeth. Currently sitting back down at the table finishing up this blog post. My lower back is feeling sore and achy like it always does at the end of the day. Such is an ailment for those who sit down for long periods of time – need to make it a point to get up more often, perhaps every 30 minutes or so.

Shall end the night finishing up some new readings and then chilling/relaxing by watching videos and shows. Probably will turn in early tonight because I did wake up pretty early this morning and I’m starting to feel sleepy. Slightly dreading tomorrow because it’s my free day which means I really have to start working on my assignments which I’ve put on hold for the longest time ever. It’s tough starting on a half completed assignment, because the momentum is lost and the inertia to craft a good piece of work is massive.

Let’s hope tomorrow will be another productive day of doing work!

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