COVID’19: Our 14 Day Stay Home Notice (Day 3)


Woke up slightly later today, but still early considering I’m studying from home and I have no lessons scheduled for the day. I guess there’s some truth to those who say that the lines between work and rest are blurred when one does it in the comfort of home – I find that these few days I have been studying/working for extended periods of time and I only rest during mealtimes (where I’d catch up on shows), during my 1 hour of exercise, or when I am absolutely distracted and all concentration has been lost.


Being a little fancy today – decided to have a cup of Singapore Breakfast Tea from T2. My friend bought it in Sydney and brought it home, so I decided to give it a try because the concoction smells so GOOD. It’s meant to take after Singapore’s signature kaya toast, and indeed the scent of kaya was really fragrant and prominent, accompanied with milder notes of coconut and pandan scents. The taste was light, clean and refreshing – absolutely LOVE this blend. I can’t wait for this 14 day notice to end so I can go to a shop and buy one box for myself.


Finished lunch not too long ago and food coma is slowly creeping in. Decided to make myself a second cup of coffee, this time using the cold brew that my housemate made, from the company perkcoffee!

This coffee was very refreshing and the taste of the coffee beans was pretty light yet noticeable at the same time. Best part is that the brew is not sour!!!! My greatest pet peeve when it comes to coffee is when it’s sour – there’s nothing I dislike more.

Was super amazed at the whole cold brew equipment, the quality of the ground coffee beans that I… ordered one set for myself! According to the confirmation, I’m supposed to receive my package sometime next week – I’m so excited wuhuuu one good thing to look forward to!


Head feels heavy and lethargic – is that due to overconsumption of caffeine? Nevertheless, I still went ahead with my workout, to try and wake myself up from this late afternoon slump that I’m in.


Started to make dinner! The main meal is actually from leftovers (from 2 nights ago) so all I had to do was boil a bunch of vegetables to throw into my multigrain porridge and make my omelette. I decided to do an upgraded version of the omelette I made yesterday by incorporating mashed pumpkin this time round. First, I boiled some pumpkins till they were fully cooked and very soft. Then, using the back of a fork, I pureed the boiled pumpkins and mixed in diced onions and 2 whole eggs. A pinch of sugar, a sprinkle of some thyme, and the mixture is ready for the lightly-coated pan!

Due to the moisture from the boiled pumpkins, it was slightly harder to flip the omelette this time round and a corner of the omelette gave way but thankfully I managed to salvage it ultimately so that it still looks presentable!

Verdict: pumpkin onion omelette should be a thing! Somehow the incorporation of pumpkins help to create a fluffier and airier texture, with a consistency similar to that of scrambled eggs though it is visually an omelette. Shall keep this newly discovered recipe of mine and add it to my list of frequent meals!

For dessert, I had a small slice of store bought apple strudel. Wasn’t satisfied with the serving size but was lazy to cut another piece, so I grabbed an apple to munch on instead! Make healthy snacking choices everybody!

Productivity in a day:

  1. Streamed 2 lectures
  2. Worked on 2 different assignments (still in progress, not completed)
  3. Swept the floor

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