COVID’19: Our 14 Day Stay Home Notice (Day 4)


Body clock once again in action, and I’m up! Spent about an hour lazing in bed scrolling through my phone and catching up on all the latest news to grace my feed.

I also ended up buying a cooking pot – nope it’s not a typo, yes I really did buy kitchenware within the first hour of waking up. Mainly because I was really impressed with the pot that I’ve been using to cook these few days, and I think it would be a great addition to my home kitchen since I fully intend to cook more often once I’m back at home.

Washed up, set out the study table and began doing work – streamed some lectures that was for next week but I figured I’ll just clear them from my schedule ASAP before I forget about it and get swamped with other things to do.


Did my workout for the day which included: 1. 10 min ABS workout 2. 30 min low impact no jumping and equipment HIIT. Ended up sweating so MUCH because silly me forgot to open the room windows and there was not much ventilation in the room I was in.

Got challenged to do 10 pushups on Instagram (this was 2 days ago), so here I am finally getting it done! I did all 10 in one go btw, had to separate the clips into 2 because of time limits imposed on the app hehe.

First group of parents dropped by this morning and kindly brought over some games in case we needed additional forms of entertainment. We ended up playing with the mini Jenga set that very same day – what a timely present!

We managed to play till the last possible formation without making the tower topple!

Second group of parents dropped by too and brought more food – 2 big bowls of tangyuan (filled glutinous rice balls) for us to share. One bowl had the peanut filling and the other was a black sesame filling, complete with sweet peanut soup. The desserts were absolutely delicious – the skin of the glutinous rice balls were thin and chewy, the fillings thick rich creamy and flavourful. Paired with the surprisingly light soup and soft mushy peanuts, it’s basically a treat for the tastebuds!

Felt like I had to exercise a bit more after the rather sinful dessert, so here I am doing work while standing and bobbing up and down to good catchy tunes!


Began cooking dinner! For tonight, I’m finally having a different meal – ramen in kimchi based soup with many different kinds of vegetables and 2 eggs cracked directly into the pot! Probably added too much vegetables and toppings because the bowl was filled to the brim (soup almost spilling out) and all the noodles were completely covered by the veggies.

Was eating dinner halfway and the next group of parents came, once again bearing more food! We really are getting very well fed in this little flat 🙂 this time round, they brought some korean strawberries, tangerines, tortilla chips and homemade chunky salsa wuhuu! Our kitchen now has so many different kinds of food, it’s getting hard to finish them before the expiration date.

After dinner, it’s the usual routine: washed the dishes, bathed, and settled back down to work. Then blogging (what I’m doing right now), and finally just some chill time scrolling through my phone.

Productivity in a day:

  1. Streamed next week’s lecture for one of the modules
  2. Worked on my reflective assignment (compiled resources needed, started actual process of writing my personal takeaways)
  3. Did some readings and worked on homework (preparing for a debate in tutorial regarding gender roles in the home kitchen) – enjoyed working on this actually because it’s so interesting to delve into such a topic; I got very invested in crafting my arguments and rebuttals

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