COVID’19: Our 14 Day Stay Home Notice (Day 5)

Wow, can’t believe that it’s already day 5 of our stay home notice. Kept thinking that it was still day 4 for some reason. 1 weekend down, 1 more to go!


Got out of bed after lying around for close to an hour. There was greater inertia this morning, but managed to pull myself up because the whole house was up early to stream their church service as well:)

Did some pre-readings of lecture slides for upcoming lectures. Had to get through it with the help of a glass of cold nitro-brewed coffee. I can’t get enough of that clean taste of coffee! Am truly addicted now and I don’t think I can ever go back to regular coffee unless it’s like good GOOD coffee.


Time for some workout! Laid my yoga mat in the kitchen since that was the only free space available. Did the usual 10 min ABS workout, and also tried a home zumba dance routine which was a nice change from the usual HIIT that I did. Ended up sweating buckets once more and I was drenched after the session ended.


Had lunch and another cup of coffee – made with instant coffee granules and I chilled it but forgot about it so the coffee kinda froze over and became diluted? Made my oatmeal a lil fancier today with some sliced Korean strawberries which were absolutely delicious – sweet, juicy and refreshing!

Sat in the same spot for the next 3 hours working on my assignment. Progress was slow initially, but slowly got into the mood and feel of working on it, and things picked up from there so I am happy! Still left with one final section + cutting down of works/final editing/referencing but I’m just glad that there’s good progress made today 🙂


Snack time! Brain desperately needs fuel after all that thinking. So glad my laptop was running low on battery, giving me the excuse I needed to stop doing work hehe. Put out some homemade salsa, tortilla chips, nuts and also snacked on a slice of wholemeal bread, mini tangerine and a cheese topped bun! Got a bit carried away with snacking – once I start, it becomes quite hard to stop ooops.

Feeling a bit full after the rather heavy snack, so I spent the next 45 minutes pacing up and down, marching on the spot, trying to get a little bit more active in whatever little space I have access to.


Started cooking dinner! Today’s menu is none other than pumpkin multigrain porridge! I used the store bought packet of pumpkin soup (from Soup Spoon Kitchen) as a base, and boiled my brown+black rice in it. Topped it off with a variety of vegetables (mini bokchoy, chinese spinach, cabbage, carrots, onions, enoki mushrooms) and also some tofu cubes! Final dish was halfway in between a hearty stew and watery porridge but it tasted comforting and delicious nevertheless.

Isn’t it funny how people say a watched pot never boils, yet in my case, the moment I take my eyes off to do something else (chop vegetables, wash cutlery, scroll through my phone), the contents start bubbling like crazy almost like a volcano eruption haha.

Of course, the day is never complete without dessert – I always have to end my meals with a sweet dessert. Tonight I had a small bowl of Freedom Foods’ XO crunch with soy milk. It was SUPER YUMMY!!! Love it when the cereal has been left to soak for a bit until it becomes slightly mushy but yet crunchy at the same time, such that each mouthful releases a tiny gush of milk along with the crispiness of the cereal. And cereal milk is just about the best milk ever. My soy milk turned into a chocolatey creamy rich version thanks to the cereal.

Still felt a little peckish and since my dinner wasn’t too heavy, I decided to go for a slice of pandan bread!

Productivity in a day:

  1. Pre-read 2 sets of lecture slides
  2. Worked on 1 major section of the assignment
  3. Finished up a chapter quiz that is due in 2 weeks 🙂

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