COVID’19: Our 14 Day Stay Home Notice (Day 6)


Maybe because it’s Monday so the whole house was up early this morning once more.


Started work! Had 2 lectures to go through today, but thankfully they weren’t too painful to go through. Managed to sit through the both of them with a cup of cold coffee.


Took a short break and had lunch – the usual oats with blueberries and almond butter, as well as a salad comprising of romaine lettuce, chopped Japanese cucumbers and some cherry tomatoes~!


Lunch ended way faster than I expected to, which means it’s back to work. Started on the next task for the day which was a pre-lab online exercise. Thought that it’ll take a really long time based on the previous experience, but surprisingly the exercise this week was short and sweet! Completed the whole task in about an hour, which left me more free time because I allocated 2 hours for this task.


Since everything was pushed forward, I did my workout earlier than usual today. Did my 10 min ABS routine, 15 min HIIT, and also a 10 min arm workout routine! Felt more energetic when working out this time round for some reason; or maybe it’s because of the really good banana I had as a snack right before exercising. Now I understand why people love having bananas as a pre-workout snack!:)

45 minutes of sweating profusely later, workout is done! Thought I’d be hungry right after, but was actually feeling a little full still so I skipped having a snack for the time being, and continued back to work.

Tried doing a bit more of my assignment – working on the very last section which is proving to be a bigger headache than I imagined it to be because I had to rework some parts. And those parts involved the use of a software which can’t be used on mac laptops so…still trying to figure out a way to overcome this problem.


All that thinking and writing made me hungry, so I ended up grabbing a plate and loading it with 2 large slices of guava (they were sweet and soft and yummy, a nice change from the unripe ones I had in the past), as well as a handful of nuts (macadamias which are my FAV, some walnuts and cashews).

Decided to chill and relax for a bit by watching a drama episode. While doing so, it’s become a habit for me to stand while watching, and also to march on the spot to increase my daily step count. It’s quite a good way to exercise because the distraction means I can march on the spot for a good 30 minutes straight without feeling silly or too bored.


Time for dinner! Reheated my pumpkin vegetable porridge from last night and made myself an omelette! Am in love with this small 1-person pan: it’s literally perfect for frying eggs, making oatmeal, basically any meal that I’ve been cooking so far. Can’t wait for the one I ordered to be delivered – which reminds me, I got a notification saying that the order’s been processed so it’s one step closer to my arms!


Feeling lazy and unproductive right now, don’t feel like doing any more work. And maybe I shall just stop because tomorrow is going to be a LONG day of class – 2 lectures, and an intense tutorial to get through.


My home workout playlist is slowly taking form! Have been adding so many different workouts so that I can do a different one each day. I’m the kind of person who hates doing the same workout twice because it just makes everything seem more boring, and I feel tired more easily knowing what moves come next.

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