COVID’19: Our 14 Day Stay Home Notice (Day 7)

Tuesday 31 March 2020:

It’s the halfway mark of our stay home notice! Time is passing slowly yet quickly at the same time – can’t believe it’s been a week since I came back to Singapore. I’m slowly settling into a new sort of routine in this small apartment. It also feels like I’m living in my own world, in a sheltered protective bubble, unexposed to all the changes (minor and major) that’s happening outside.

Recently, Singapore has introduced stricter measures for social distancing which includes not standing in restricted areas marked with yellow tape, which can be found everywhere from eating places to lifts to queuing to enter shops. I haven’t had the chance to experience all these yet, I’m sure when the 14 days are up I’ll feel like a foreigner in my own homeland.


Early start to the day because I actually have lectures and tutorials to get through. Streamed my biochemistry lecture first thing in the morning, and it was painful because the speed was slow and the content was dry.


Biochem tutorial time! Surprisingly, I enjoyed this tutorial more than I thought I would because the tutor was really nice and cute she’s so funny and I’m really glad that she’s our permanent tutor from now on (at least I think so). At the start of tutorial, one of the guys in my class switched on his mic to say hello (though it’s not needed) and wow can I just say, his voice is amazing. Like it’s deep and idk, it just kinda makes my ears vibrate HAHA. Plus the quality of his mic was ON POINT, so much better than the tutor’s one.

Tutorial ended in a fun manner – basically our tutor suggested having a bakeoff: we could bake goodies and take pictures to share and they’ll compile all the nice pictures for the subsequent tutorial. So random, but I think it’s meant to spread some positivity amidst all this uncertainty. I was so confused when she first mentioned it, because what has a bakeoff got to do with biochem tutorial am I right?


Lunch after a good brain workout! It’s the usual oats and salad and coffee combination which I’ll never get tired off. Oats is my favourite meal ever I could eat it everyday without fail and still love it all the same.

Pre- read one of my lecture slides (for Physiology) before I stream the lecture. There’s supposed to be a recording uploaded but due to technical issues, it’s still not up. No matter, I shall work on my assignment instead.

Managed to borrow my friend’s Windows laptop to access the software I need to do my assignment, and got that bit sorted out which made me a lot more relief now that it’s out of the way. Also submitted a request for submission extension to give myself a bit of a leeway, though I am still aiming to complete it on time.


Exercise time! It’s the usual routine. Did a longer HIIT home workout today (50 minutes in total, including stretching). Got hungry after, so I snacked on an apple and a cup of cold refreshing grass jelly drink and also a handful of vegan pretzel bites yummy!


Took a break from work and watched some videos while marching on the spot for some extra cardio.

Rest of the night:

Had dinner, bathed, skincare. Decided to continue working on my assignment. I was intending to stop at 10PM, but you know how sometimes when you start, you just can’t stop? I ended up working on it till 10:30PM and here I am blogging everything.

It’s now time for me to post this up, chill and watch some new kdrama shows which I found online wuhuuu!


Almost forgot but halfway during lunch, my delivery came! Remember the pot I ordered on Saturday morning right after I woke up? It arrived today how exciting! Can’t wait to properly open it when I get home after this stay home notice ends 🙂 Now all I’m waiting for is my nitro brew coffee beans and equipment – I really hope they arrive soon too.

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