COVID’19: Our 14 Day Stay Home Notice (Day 8)


This is the third time I’ve woken up at this timing because of my bladder’s urge to relieve itself. I guess internal circadian rhythms are really a thing – I don’t even have to set an alarm in the mornings anymore, my body just wakes up automatically and heads for the toilet first thing in the morning.

Tried to go back to sleep since my alarm wasn’t due till 8AM, but like all the other days, my attempts were futile so after lazing in bed for a bit more, I decided to get up and start my day.

Streamed my physiology lecture that I was supposed to do yesterday, but due to technical issues the videos only got posted today. Side note: buying my iPad for Uni has got to be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made – I absolutely love taking notes with it, since it saves paper and I’m the type of student who loves annotating on lecture slides and you just can’t do that with a laptop.

My morning was made better with a cup of coffee, and also an unexpected text from the Uni support network checking in to see that I was ok amidst this whole pandemic. They literally sent the message all the way from Australia, and I’m like ‘how on earth did you get my Singapore number?’ But nevertheless, I was really touched that they sent that message across continents :”)


It’s one of my favourite parts of the day – lunch time! Instead of the usual berries I put in my oats, this time round I sliced some really ripe mangoes and added them in! The sweetness of the mangoes really helped to sweeten my whole bowl of porridge and wow….they taste AMAZING ! Also I decided to be extra and film my breakfast while playing my current favourite song since it really fit the whole chill vibe.

Was halfway through lunch when a delivery man came. I initially thought that it was my nitro brew bottle and coffee beans, but turns out it’s actually a welfare pack sent by my future employers! It was a huge bag of goodies – filled with many cups of instant noodles, milo packets, crackers and biscuits, surgical masks, hand sanitisers, granola bars… This made my day even better, I feel really blessed to be so well-taken care of. This SHN is basically me being very well-fed and watered. If I was plant, I’d be thriving, except maybe for the lack of sunlight.

Tried working on my assignments a bit more as per usual. Since Wednesdays are my no class days, it’s become the day where I plough through all the upcoming tasks required for submission. Thinking critically and writing gives me a headache and stresses me out though. I’m working on a reflective piece and as much as I’m enjoying what I’m learning, it’s hard to put all my scattered thoughts down into a coherent piece especially when writer’s block is just round the corner.


Did a 30 minute low impact HIIT and decided to end there because I really wasn’t feeling like doing the other workouts I initially planned. Sometimes, it’s good to listen to your body and give it a rest instead of pushing through. Got really hungry after the workout so I started snacking like crazy … decided to stop my snack mania mode by cooking dinner early so I ended up eating at 5:30PM instead of the usual 6:30PM.

One of the snacks I had was a banana cake made by my housemate! Since we didn’t have an oven in this flat, she made it using a….RICE COOKER! The banana cake actually tasted really good, even though it was dense and chewy, the banana flavour was pronounced and distinct. For some reason, it also reminded me of the Chinese sweet yam paste dessert (I really love this).


Finished my very early dinner so I decided to do a bit more exercise to compensate for the heavy snacking. I actually marched on the spot for about an hour straight, thanks to the distraction provided by my phone hehe. It’s possible to exercise on the spot after all, never knew I had it in me.

Overall, today was not a very productive day in terms of academics, because I kept getting distracted and my thoughts were just not translating well into words. Am tired of working on my assignments, so I’m going to take a break today and treat myself!

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