COVID’19: Our 14 Day Stay Home Notice (Day 9)


Once again the body clock strikes again. I’m really amazed at how accurate this is, I mean it’s such a weird timing to wake up to pee? Managed to fall into a light sleep after the trip to the bathroom though.


Properly woke up this time round, and I’m feeling so much better today. Last night, I crashed at 10PM because I was so sleepy, maybe because I was stressed out from doing assignments.

Drank my morning cup of coffee, and worked on my 2 assignments once again. The words flowed a bit more smoothly this time round, much to my relief. I guess sometimes when writer’s block comes up, there’s nothing else to do but wait it out and try again when the feels come.


Ate lunch – the usual oats and salad.


Had a tutorial today and we were having a little sort of debate about the gender roles in the home kitchen. Was a pretty interesting session listening to everyone’s views, definitely a much more enjoyable session compared to last week’s.


Tutorial ended earlier than I expected so my workout session got pushed forward! Maybe because I’m exercising earlier than usual and the energy from lunch is still keeping me going – I feel quite ready to take on the workouts I planned for today as compared to yesterday when I was so EXHAUSTED after doing 1/3 exercises.

Instead of snacking right away, I decided to finish streaming a lecture before treating myself to a slice of steamed banana cake (the one made in a rice cooker by my housemate yesterday.

Exciting thing of the day! My coffee package finally came!!! I ordered a cold brew bottle as well as a packet of freshly ground coffee so that I can make my own cold (nitro?) brew at home hehe. It finally arrived after so much anticipation – was actually expecting it yesterday, so glad it arrived today!:)


Cooked dinner today since my leftovers were all polished off last night! Today I made a ramen noodle dish – boiled some ramen noodles and a whole bunch of vegetables with some tofu. For the sauce, I mixed in kimchi with gochujang paste and….baked beans! Very unusual combination but I had some leftover baked beans which were waiting to be finished so I decided to throw it in as well, to give the sauce a lil bit of sweetness.

Dinner actually turned out better than expected! Even though it was supposed to be ramen noodles, but for some reason it reminded me of spaghetti instead. Totally prefer this dry version to the soupy one I made a couple days ago. Decided to eat my noodles like it’s a spaghetti dish because there were no chopsticks available and it resembles spaghetti anyway.

Overall, today was a much better day compared to yesterday so I am happy!

Productivity in a day:

  1. Streamed 2 lectures
  2. Attended tutorial
  3. Received coffee delivery
  4. Made some progress with 2 assignments
  5. Completed my planned exercise workouts
  6. Cooked dinner
  7. Blogged

Ready to tackle on day 10!


My housemate has this super cute nail polish set that she brought over from Aus! Watermelon scented nail decorations? YES PLEASE.

Also discovered a new thriller kdrama to watch – there are only 2 episodes out so far, but the first one already looks promising.

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