COVID’19: Our 14 Day Stay Home Notice (Days 10 and 11)

Decided to combine days 10 and 11 together because I was too caught up with eating on day 10 and hence did not manage to squeeze in time to write an update ooopsie! Here I am now, the night of day 11, trying real hard to recall what I did yesterday…

Friday 03 April 2020


Streamed a webinar hosted by the Dietitians Association of Australia – the presenter was a principle dietitian in Changi General Hospital (one of the hospitals in SG) and he was sharing about how hospital operations have changed in Singapore with the whole covid pandemic situation, both in general and also dietetics specific. It was an interesting session because it allowed me to gain some perspective about what working in the hospital will be like, especially since that will be me a few years down the road once I’ve graduated. Most memorable thing from the webinar was that halfway through it, the code blue alarm sounded through the PA system. So the whole audience of 100+ people heard the call of distress through Zoom – I really hope the code blue situation has been resolved successfully.

The rest of the day passed like how it has been for the week. Basically me trying to work on my assignments as much as possible. Keyword: trying.


Dad swung by the flat for some cake delivery! It’s my sister’s birthday today and I’m sad I couldn’t spend it with her since I’m not quarantined at home, but at least now we are both in the same continent and I can give her a big birthday hug in a few more days – after I sanitise myself that is 🙂

Finished my workout, and had a slice of that delicious mango sponge cream cake from Four Leaves! Was absolutely delectable – the sponge cake itself was light and fluffy, filled with sweet mango pieces, and the cream frosting too was the perfect pairing. Unlike the heaviness of buttercream, this was light like the whipped versions and slightly sweet as well. The cream really reminds me of that from cheese cake/cream cheese, but much much lighter. Writing about how the cake tastes like is making me drool a lil right now.


Had dinner and instead of stopping after my usual bowl of cereal dessert, I went absolutely crazy in the kitchen. Snacked on SO MANY DIFFERENT junk food after dessert – I had some salted pretzels, 2 packets of lemon frosting biscuits, 1 packet of peanut butter biscuits, 2 slices of pandan bread, 3 slices of multigrain crackers with spreadable nutella, a handful of macadamia nuts…. haven’t snacked so insanely in such a long while. I think my period is coming, which explains the huge appetite. But thankfully, or not, I managed to finish all that snacking by 8PM and stick to my intermittent fasting routine.


Feeling really bloated so I decided to do some light exercise and moving about/doing squats as I watch my drama. It’s actually possible to be constantly moving for 1 hour or more when there’s a good distraction.

Saturday 04 April 2020


Streamed my physiology lecture first thing in the morning – was supposed to do it last night, but alas my snacking got in the way and feeling bloated is definitely not a good condition to be in to stream lectures.


Time for some daily exercise! Did a longer but less intense workout targeting the whole body today. And then made myself the usual cup of cold latte.

Started working on my assignment once more. I’m so close to completing it! Most of the content is already down, I just need to sort out the referencing and citations and final format amendments before it’s good for submission.


Made lunch! Ate later today because I wasn’t feeling very hungry after that huge binge last night. Instead of the usual oats, I ate leftovers from last night’s dinner (pumpkin multigrain porridge with baked beans). Decided to save my usual bowl of oatmeal for dinner instead because I always like eating sweet stuff as my last meal, so I figured it might be good to swap my eating style a bit.


Assignment in progress…


Decided to do a quick short 10 min standing ABS exercise and some pushups too since I’ve been sitting down for waaay too long and I need a break from staring and frowning at my laptop.

Snacked on an apple and some coconut water.

And then snacked on some cherry tomatoes as well. Also ate my daily bowl of cereal (though I usually eat it after dinner). But as I said, I want to try and see if it’s possible to break my current habit of eating cereal as the last meal of the day.

Watched my drama and scrolled through social media at the same time.


Oatmeal time!! Was actually very excited for this meal – goes to show how I am addicted to oatmeal, really. It’s been 11 straight days of eating oatmeal (1 huge cup no less) and I’m still very much in love with it. I am also set to finish 6 LITRES of Vitasoy calci plus by the end of these 2 weeks (my FAVOURITE soy milk in the entire world, so glad SG has this so I don’t have to bring back from Aus). My comfort food indeed, I can eat it every single day and not tire of it. Did I mention I also brought pack 11 sachets of Uncle Toby’s protein oats from Aus? HEHE.


Some minor edits later…SUBMITTED MY ASSIGNMENT! It truly feels as if a load has been lifted off my shoulder. Now I just have 1 more to go. Managed to get an extension for these 2 assignments so technically they’re not due till the following week, but some part of me just wants to get it over with ASAP and submit it by the original due date. Not sure if I’ll be able to do the same with the other assignment (this is due next Mon), probably not, but I’ll try my best to submit it before my extended deadline so I can start mid-semester break without having to worry about submissions.

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