COVID’19: Our 14 Day Stay Home Notice (Day 14)

Tuesday 07 April 2020:

It’s the last official day of our 2 week stay home notice! We initially thought that this meant we could only step out of the flat at the stroke of midnight, but recently there’s been a change of regulations – this means that at 12 NOON … we are FREE!!!

This brought about a change of plans because I initially scheduled my day such that I would be occupied all the way till late at night, which was when my parents was supposed to fetch me home.


Woke up, streamed a lecture that I postponed from yesterday.


Streamed for Biochemistry practical – it was hectic and confusing because we were getting different results even though the raw data used was all the same and there were so many people on the chat so it was a huge mess. I think the coordinator got annoyed at us halfway through ooopsie.


No break after that online practical, it’s now straight to biochemistry tutorial! But like last week, this session turned out to be pretty entertaining thanks to the lightheartedness of my classmates and my chill tutor hehe:)


Had lunch – no longer the usual oats, but rather I steamed some frozen vegetable buns because we had to clear the fridge and I was lazy to use cooking equipment since we had to pack them up.


Cleaned the whole flat – swept the floors, cleaned the toilets and kitchen and wiped down the furniture used. It’s a good thing I started packing early (yesterday to be exact) so all I had left to do today was pack up the loose items here and there. After organising everything did I realise how much stuff I have to lug back home.



To be honest, the whole stepping out of the flat and going outdoors for some fresh air is less climatic than I was expecting. Maybe it’s because I’ve gotten used to staying at home, and I don’t really mind it so much anymore? Never really felt suppressed or claustrophobic so perhaps that is why I didn’t feel much exhilaration when I could finally leave. BUT, make no mistake, I definitely was very excited to go back home, to my own room, my own kitchen, my own toilet…

After reaching home, I essentially spent the second half of the day unpacking everything. And trust me, there was a LOT to unpack. Started off with unloading all the items in my small bags – basically those bags comprise of food items, stationery, electronics, accessories, vitamins…

Found the time to also wash my brand new coffee nitro brew bottle and make my very first batch of cold brew coffee hehe so excited to drink it tomorrow after the coffee beans have been steeped!

Took a break for dinner – had my OATMEAL! And then I went to take a nice long bath in my beautiful toilet (or at least it is to me).

You have no idea how nice it is to finally shave, exfoliate, scrub and cleanse thoroughly in the comfort of my own. It feels like I’ve been reborn after 14 days of living life minimally because I was so lazy to unpack everything from the luggage and display them (not like there was space anyway).

Went back to unpacking and cleaning my room after that nice long bath. Finally tackled my huge ass luggage which was stuffed to the brim with clothes and skincare products. Took me a long time, but I finally cleaned and tidied up everything wuhuuu!!! My room is looking clean and comfy and cozy :”)

I have missed sleeping in my bed dearly … especially since I’m the kind of person who sleeps with a pillow between my legs but I couldn’t afford to do that during my quarantine period.

Happy, grateful to be home. I feel so peaceful now. And there’s no classes tomorrow so I can actually take a chill pill for the first time in a long time, go grocery shopping for ingredients, relax….and EXERCISE! There’s more room in my space so I can afford to dance about, jump around, kick my legs!

This marks the end of my stay home notice chapter. Definitely an experience to remember, never thought I’d ever go through something like this. It’s going to be nostalgic looking back at these posts in the future. Sincerely hoping that this whole pandemic situation will calm down and improve soon. To everyone out there reading this, stay happy healthy and safe in this period. And please, STAY AT HOME!

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