COVID’19: Our 14 Day Stay Home Notice (Days 12 and 13)

Sunday 05 April 2020:

Yet another productive day today! Finally finished the second of my assignment – a reflective piece that explores the determinants of food choice. Really enjoying this particular module, but as always, learning and actually writing essays are 2 very different things. Had writer’s block for this essay one too many times, so I’m so relieved that I managed to submit it!

Got an extension for the reflective assignment so it actually isn’t due till next Monday (13 April) but I figured that even with the extra time, it’s highly unlikely that I’ll improve my essay dramatically. The current piece that I submitted in is a pretty decent quality work considering it was done during such a tumultuous period, but there’s still this part of me that feels like it isn’t…THERE. If you know what I mean, you know. If you don’t, I have no idea how to better express it ooops.

Got started on a new drama: my holo love! Concept is pretty interesting and I really like the cast too so that’s a plus point! Treating myself by watching a few episodes after submitting my assignment hoho 🙂

To make things better, one of the parent’s dropped by with some lovely cream puffs from Chateraise! Have not had these puffs in ages – they’re my absolute favourite: SUPERSIZED cream puffs that are so light and airy with sweet fluffy cream filling that oozes out when you give the puff a slight squeeze. YUM in my TUM!

Monday 06 April 2020:

Back to online classes! Streamed lectures, attended practicals … the usual. Had slightly less work to do these few days since my assignments have been submitted and I’ve cleared the back log of lectures and tutorials. Not to mention, this is the last week of school before mid-semester break so …

Tonight marks the last night that I’ll be sleeping in the flat! Tomorrow night, we are going to move out at exactly 12 midnight… Just like Cinderella.

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