Wednesday 08 April 2020:

It’s the first official day of being back in the comfort of my own home, after such a good first sleep in my own bed. The best thing is that I don’t have classes today, so there’s less rigidity in my schedule, more freedom for me to settle in and do the things I enjoy.

First thing I did in the morning was to stream a lecture which I left from yesterday, given that the decision to move back early was so sudden, and I wasn’t feeling like studying after all that unpacking.

Got that out of the way, and then headed off to the nearby hypermarket with my dad for some grocery shopping! Grabbed my own personal basket because I had a few things I wanted to get for myself – intend to cook my own separate meals given that I’m more or less vegetarian now (the only one among the family).

Picked up a bunch of items: oats, fresh vegetables, milk (so thankful they sell Vitasoy here as well), conditioner, condiments, bread … Basket was heavy at the end but seeing as how these will last me a couple of days, I’d say it’s not too bad.

Went home, unpacked the groceries and it was time for me to break fast and make brunch! Made the usual bowl of thick, warm, clumpy oatmeal. Alongside, I toasted 2 slices of charcoal multigrain bread and slathered some almond butter spread on them – the bread was DELICIOUS! I never knew the hypermarket’s bakery had such good bread baking away! After being toasted in the oven, they were really crispy (almost like a biscuit) and thanks to the coating of seeds and grains on the external surface, there was a strong fragrant nutty flavour that just adds more depth and flavour to the whole dish. Of course I couldn’t forget about my vegetables as well so I added a bowl of fresh greens + cherry tomatoes. Washed the whole meal down with a class of my freshly brewed cold brew coffee! Light, aromatic, slightly sweet and refreshing was my cup of cold coffee!

After lunch, I set up my cozy corner in my room, preparing for a skype call with my friend! Beanbags are my favourite, once I settle in, it’s hard for me to come out of it. Spent 2 hours lounging and catching up, chatting about random life updates to more serious discussions about everything going on in the world.

Fast forward to night time, and I was just lying in bed scrolling through Tiktok to pass time. One song caught my attention, and before I knew it, I was grooving and kinda learning the moves while still lazing in bed. 10 minutes passed and the same dance video was still on repeat, I had more or less gotten the moves down, so I decided to just get out of bed and do the dance properly for real. Never thought I’d end up learning a tiktok dance but hey it actually is pretty fun and gets me moving!

Thursday 09 April 2020:

Woke up at 7:30am before my alarm rang, and first thing I did…dance to tiktok and film it HAHA. Surprisingly, the moves flowed better this morning than when I first learnt it last night. I guess this goes to show sometimes a good night’s sleep really works wonders, and the brain needs time to relax and unwind before it can be at its optimum best.

Also did the Tiktok hair trend last night where I slept with socks in my hair for those gorgeous heatless waves aaaaand it really does work! Except one side fell off because the hair tie wasn’t secure enough.

Brunch and coffee = happy me!

Added some bananas this time round since I had a bunch ripening (this calls for some homemade banana bread oooh)

Had tutorial afterwards so I spent the next 2 hours or so online, trying to be as participative as I could.

That’s right, I finally remembered to download the clock screensaver on my mac for some aesthetic purposes.

Had a bowl of really sweet watermelon slices and kyoto grapes after working out.

Shall end this post with how I clean my floor with wet tissues after working out, and my vegetarian bibimbap which I had for dinner! (plus my fav maple crunch cereal for dessert)

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