My Mid-sem Break/Stay Home Shenanigans

It’s been a long time since I found the time to sit down with my laptop and let my thoughts run free, let my fingers fly across the keyboard. Which is quite ironic, considering how it’s currently my 2-week mid semester break; yet I’m writing less than I used to when school was still ongoing.

This mid-semester break is such a huge contrast to the one I had last year. In 2019, I was gallivanting around Australia – going on a surfing/camping trip in Yorke Peninsula, exploring the hustle and bustle of Sydney, getting my first taste of solo travelling by joining a tour alone to visit the Figure 8 pools … how was that 365 days ago?

This break, I’ve been mostly cooped at home in part because of the circuit breaker measures imposed by the Government to tackle the ongoing coronavirus situation, and also because…of my ASSIGNMENTS. I have 2 heavy-weighted assignments coming up: one is an academic essay exploring the topic of food insecurity (highly interesting and relevant given the current food hoarding situation seen across the globe), and another is a logistical assignment involving food and catalogues. Apart from assignments, I had planned to get some studying done as well (making and organising lecture notes for my Physiology and Biochemistry modules) but so far, I have barely accomplished that. First week of holidays was spent plowing through COUNTLESS of academic literature, as I tried to wrap my head around the complex multi-faceted nature of food insecurity. I guess I was too caught up in it too, but really such public health issues greatly interest me to no end. Now, second week is coming to an end (how did time fly by so fast?!) and I barely finished a first draft of my academic essay, with twice the amount of words required. How am I meant to squeeze a comprehensive essay within 2000 words, addressing the features, determinants, consequences and solutions of food insecurity???? Not to mention in-text citations, oh goodness. I’m proud of the work I’ve done thus far, but cutting down words and doing referencing is a real pain in the ass.

THANKFULLY my school recently sent out an email, saying all assignment extension requests will be granted unconditionally so there’s a bit of breather space for me to chill and focus on other modules. Like studying for Biochemistry because there’s a graded quiz next week which I have yet to prepare for.

Of course since it’s the holidays, I did engage in activities to give myself a break from all the schoolwork too. I baked (a whole lot, stay tuned for a separate post detailing all that I tried to make), cooked all my meals (not once have I eaten store bought food), read (so grateful for online libraries) and exercise! Staying at home most of the time has turned me into a real home body, and I’m surprisingly enjoying it more than I thought I would. Everyday is a comforting routine, and I’m occupied from day to night, running like clockwork with the occasional interesting activity to spice things up.

What I’ve been reading/finished reading:

  1. Becoming – Michelle Obama (love this book; it’s truly so inspiring and interesting to read about life as the First Lady)
  2. Currently am reading The Power of Habits – Charles Duhigg. This opened my eyes to the tiny everyday details and made me more aware of why I do the things I do. It’s a lengthy book, so I’m still getting through it.

I’m trying to establish the routine of reading right before I go to bed instead of scrolling through social media 🙂 and also reading books/news first thing in the morning when I wake up instead of Instagram. I find that doing so really helps to set the mood right for the rest of the day to be a productive one.

What I’ve been cooking/baking:

Stay tuned for a separate post hehe.

Home exercise:

I do a variety of different workouts everyday to keep things fresh and interesting because repeated workouts bore me and I lose the motivation to push through it. Thus far, I’ve been doing Abs, Legs, Arms, Back, Butt workouts using either body weight or resistance bands. One other interesting exercise I’ve included are barre workouts, ballet style! Helps my body get used to dancing once more, while toning my muscles at the same time and it’s really fun to feel graceful and elegant while sweating buckets.

I realise this post is a haphazard mess of everything and anything but oh well we can’t all be organised all the time. Sometimes it’s good to just release every loose thought floating in my brain without restraint…

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