Home Made Fluffy Bread Bowl

Tuesday 28 April 2020:

Today marks another one of my impromptu spontaneous bakes! I was not planning on making anything/ doing any baking because it’s the first week of school since the mid semester break ended and I have more work to do (lectures, tutorials, quizzes and my yet-to-complete assignments which are never ending).

But then, as I was eating brunch and entertaining myself with Youtube videos, I stumbled across a cooking korean variety show called ‘Star’s Top Recipe at Fun-Staurant’ and in that particular episode, they were showing this amazingly delicious bread bowl filled with tteokbokki (Korean spicy rice cakes) and topped with melty gooey cheese. It looked so DECADENT and I was charmed by the cute little bread bowls – that made me wonder why I’ve been in the kitchen for so long but still have yet to make my own homemade version.

At that point, I decided to make bread bowls sometime in the near future. But as I was about to start work, I decided to do a quick Google of a suitable recipe and I immediately found one that seemed pretty quick and easy to make. Encouraged, and also because I had already planned to make tteobokki stew for dinner that very same night (this was planned the night before), I decided it was a sign for me to try and attempt to bake my own bread bowl. Without a second thought, I hopped off my study bench and bumbled back into the kitchen!

The recipe I was following was meant for 6 bread bowls, however I only wanted to make one (because it’s meant to be a trial version and also because I’m the only one eating it) so I painstakingly divided all the ingredients by 6. Which is tough sometimes, because what exactly is 4.5 teaspoons divided by 6? I ended up having to eyeball the proportions because my math and brain were not working very well and I didn’t want to have to whip out a calculator. Since I was a little too enthusiastic to get started, and did not really spend time perusing through, I kinda messed up the initial steps. Instead of mixing the yeast, sugar, oil and water separately from the flour, I accidentally dumped everything together. But no matter, the dough still turned out beautiful 🙂

I also truly think that my bread making skills are improving with all the different varieties I’ve been baking over the past few weeks! The kitchen is getting less messy, the dough is getting more fluffy and kneading feels less tiring too wuhuuu!!! I aim to become a ‘pro’ at baking in the home scene so that I can rely on my own skills for bread rather than buying from bakeries. There’s just something so satisfying about making your own food, seeing a beautiful delicious product that is a result from your hard fruits of labor. It gives me such a great sense of satisfaction and pleasure that cannot be derived from buying food although the latter is certainly more convenient.

The next few steps involved: 1. Baking the bread 2. Letting the bread cool before cutting the top open 3. Making the tteobokki stew 4. Stuffing the bread with the filling

Grab a slice of cheese, slap it on the opening of the stuffed bread bowl, and put it back in the oven for a second bake! This round of baking is mainly to melt the cheese, so just a short pop in the oven will do – don’t want to risk overbaking the bread.

The final product! Is she not beautiful! Honestly the star of the dish was the bread bowl itself. Truly am so amazed by how it turned out! Crusty hard shell filled with warm savoury sweet stew, and the inner dough was soft fluffy and absorbed the soup extremely well – almost like a sponge really. Very pleased with how this turned out and will definitely make it once more. In fact, I’m planning to bake a second batch of bread bowls this coming Friday but filling it with some homemade pumpkin carrot soup instead 🙂 Super excited for Friday to come so I can start baking once more!

This is proof that sometimes, the best things are done spontaneously.

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