My Goldmine of Friendships

Friday 03 July 2020:

Last day of exams and first day of break – they ended and began beautifully, with friends that I love and cherish dearly.

In some ways, covid stole from us activities such as going out with friends, window shopping, eating, strolling at ease and in comfort. Now, every outing has to be thought twice, the pros weighed with the cons before coming to a final decision. It’s harder to spend time outside, because a mask creates not just a respiratory discomfort but also a barrier to communication. Half the time, I’d have to raise my voice to be coherent, which meant that strangers nearby could probably overhear our conversations which at times are meant for private selected ears only.

But on the other time, covid has gifted us the opportunity to hang out with friends solely for the sake of catching up and actually talking, for instance in the privacy of someone’s home instead. We hang out not to shop, or to eat, but to sit around in a comfortable setting where we bare our souls and feelings, talk about anything and everything.

That was how Friday night went. We bought dinner back home to my place, settled round the big ol’ dining table (with parents in the living room – unexpected because they were meant to be out oops) and started talking non-stop. This is how I imagine us to be like even 10 or 20 years down the road, but maybe with a glass of wine involved? Those stereotypical adult hang out scenes – around a countertop, with a plate of cheese and crackers and a glass of wine or two …. you get the idea.

Light-hearted conversations around dinner, as we tried to catch up on the lost time due to our busy schedules and the geographical barrier that used to separate us (but not anymore, so I guess thank you covid for bringing me back home to my family and friends).

And then after dinner and a good slice of chocolate cake shared amongst us, we headed into the alcove-ish area and closed the door, separating the living room and parents from us so that we could get some privacy and start the REAL deep talk. And over the next 2 hours, we talked. We talked so much that my throat became parched and I had to drink water non-stop after.

In the cozy, secluded private area filled with mugs of water (tea sounds nicer hmm maybe we should’ve done that), malleable beanbags and thick woven carpets, we settled down and poured our words out. There was no end, but I didn’t want it to end. I wanted the night to go on and on, or even better, stuck on pause so we could all live in the moment. That night, I was at peace and in comfort. I felt safe and secure, a home space really – like a turtle going back into its familiar shell at the end of a long tiring day. As much as I was tired from waking up so early in the morning, yet all the tiredness seemed to be washed away at the end of the night.

We talked about love, romance, a little of politics and life. We moaned about our lack of success in finding a special someone, which in hindsight makes me smile whenever I think about how that conversation went. I may not have found success in the relationship department, but I think I struck gold in the friendship area.

This is just one of the many beautiful experiences and memories shared with the pals. Many other experiences, including many other pals – all who bring so much joy and happiness to my life. I decided to pen my feelings down, so that even when I become old, I can look back and think to myself, “ahhhh…those were the good ol’ days when I was young and golden” :”)

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