Year 2 Sem 1 OUT!

Friday 03 July 2020:

It’s been months since I last wrote anything on this blog. The past few weeks have been hectic and insane, just like how the end of semesters typically are. Filled with assignments, quizzes and exams, coupled with covid, staying home for the majority, unsteady internet connection at times – there were instances where it became overwhelming. But, I’m glad I managed to pull through everything and here I am, 1 semester of 2020 completed and 3 weeks of break to look forward to!

Final exam was at 7.15AM in the MORNING because of time difference so I had to drag my ass out of bed at 6.30AM so that I’d have time to prepare and steady myself before diving in. The last paper was a physiology paper, which involved major cramming because 7 physiological systems all combined into 1 paper? Madness. No doubt it’s open book and sounds straightforward, like how much easier can it be right? But no, there’s not much time to flip to the right page so it might as well have been equivalent to a close book. The exam turned out fine, leaving me feeling the exact same way every single time I finish an MMED exam – like I studied for 100% of content but only 5% comes out but I suppose there’s no other way around such a topic with so much breadth and depth.

In a way, I was really absolutely glad that the exam was in the morning because that meant by 9:30AM I was a free woman! Felt too tired then to properly savour the first taste of freedom after such a long while. I think my body and brain is too used to having something to do, something planned in my schedule, that I’m just not used to…having time to do nothing?

Spent the rest of the day idling about, having some me personal time by going out strolling after being cooped at home for the past few days. And then at night, my pals came over and it was one of the coziest, comfiest, and safest nights that I’d ever experienced in a long while :’) In a separate post that shall be, because that requires a whole new page dedicated solely for my friendships.

Have many things planned during this 3 week break and I’m hoping I don’t waste most of it just lying in bed being a couch potato. THis holiday, I’d want to:

  1. Bake more ! Maybe try a hand at baguettes? Who knows!
  2. Blog more too – there’s a whole backlog of posts that I intended to write but never got round to doing so
  3. Redecorate my room – shift some bulky furniture a bit, add some decor and turn my room into an even better version!
  4. Read more books! Now’s the best time to set up a healthy morning routine involving daily reading periods armed with a cup of coffee to start the day right.
  5. Meet up with friends! It’s a rare chance that I actually get to do uni back in my home country so I fully intend to be a bigger part of my friends’ lives now that geographical and time difference are no longer barriers
  6. Learn a new language maybe? Have learnt extremely basic French a couple years back and can actually still remember some of them, so I don’t want to let that foundation go to waste, might build up more on it!
  7. Exercise!!! But not at the gym, I still feel a little uncomfortable sharing equipment given the current pandemic.

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