There’s a reason why wanderlust rhymes with fairy dust.

Hey explorer, welcome to the travel section! This is where I blog about all things travel related as the name suggests. 

There’s the solo trip section where I document my experiences being a solo female traveller, evaluate the novelty of it and provide handy advice.

The family trip section is reserved for the yearly adventures with my parents and sister! Here you’ll mostly find family-friendly recommendations and reviews of the places we’ve been to, the hotels we’ve stayed and the restaurants we’ve dined! Alas I can no longer remember much of the trips that are more than 3 years old (WHY didn’t I start this blog earlier), but I will definitely start from now and continue to build on! 

Finally, the pre-departure section contains useful information about how to plan a good trip in an organised and stress-free manner. It also provides insights on how to prepare oneself for being in a foreign environment. 

Hesitate no more! It’s time to go out there and sze the world!:)